Djinn spirit of Aelena
Djinn spirit of Aelena
Djinn spirit of Aelena

Djinn spirit of Aelena

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This magical broach is bound with the Djinn spirit of Aelena, one of the most beautiful female mermaids we have ever had the privilege of working with~!

She has appeared to us multiple times, usually when we are near large bodies of water or coastal towns. Her beauty is totally unmatched by any other mermaid we have ever encountered.

Her fine, delicate yet exotic features are enchanting and it is virtually impossible to look away when she reveals herself. You will know when she is most active because the room will fill with the most intoxicating scent of salt water and floral essence. She is so unique that she signals with scent before energy vibration, she is like no other djinn spirit we have encountered~!

She is especially beneficial to those who have a fear of water or are regularly travelling on bodies of water (sailing, own a boat etc). She is wonderful with children and if your child regularly is near water or has a fear of swimming, attach a cord and have the child wear it as a necklace or fasten it with a piece of cloth to the inside of their pocket. She will watch over your child when they are near water and keep them safe from any naturally occurring dangers such as poisonous water dwelling creatures, whirlpools, riptides etc.

If you are in the process of planning a journey or vacation by boat, or use water transport in your day to day life. Her presence calms rough waters and guides ships out of stormy waters.

She does take human lovers of both gender, but only if they are seeking it. If you are seeking a gentle, yet playful spirit lover, she is perfect for your desires. She will only become intimate with you however, if you are wanting to become involved with her like this, she is not forceful in her seduction, but greatly enjoys intimate relations with human beings, especially those born under water signs.

She has magnificent powers, as not only will she be able to generate the normal facilitated enrichments of wealth and bliss, like most djinns, but she ensues the imparted energies and knowledge of the powerful waves of water!

Water is extremely powerful and is very active in all of our lives in ways we take for granted, as we need to consume it to live, and we bathe in it -- the particles are variant remnants of power, and Aelena will bring assertion and strength to you.

A very enticing piece that will bring you varied traits of enriched power!