Wisdom Evades
Wisdom Evades
Wisdom Evades

Wisdom Evades

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Wisdom Evades

The Owl has long been the symbol of wisdom, and this piece has many powerful spells of wisdom, understanding, personal growth, transformation and both inner and outer enlightenment cast within it~! An Excelled witch used this penulum piece to lure in an owl and then encompassed his spirit, after killing him, into this piece -- which is now a power house piece!

There is no need to actually wear this piece, but many of you will want to because it is very cool..Men and women who choose not to wear it may hang it by their bed to gain it's benefits.

The Owl was the symbol of wisdom to the Greeks and Romans. Minerva and Athena were both identified by their owl familiars. In many cultures, Egyptian, African, Native American, European and early Christianity, owls have always been deemed as a symbol of status, intelligence, wisdom, protection, transition, wealth and secrets.

This piece will transfer it's many spell's energies to you simply by weekly contact~!

There has been an array of magic projected into this item -- it has a combination of Ancient Egyptian Magic,  Old World High Magic, 'Gypsy' Roman Magic, Greek and Italian Magic, Wicca and Celtic/Druidic Magic to impart an intricate blend of power and energy within this piece.

You will realize, and learn, a multitude of facets when connecting with this piece. The possibilities are limitless!

Among the abilities that will generate for you are:

  • Ability to Interpret Secret Knowledge
    Ability to Understand Ancient Knowledge
    Ability to See and Understand Hidden Knowledge
    Strong Stimulation of Your Intuition
    Ability to Discern Truth in Situations
    Ability to Identify Lies from Individuals
    Ability to discern Hidden Conspiracies
    Increased Self and Inner Knowledge
    Ability to Discern the Right Choices in Many Situations
    Increased Influences Over Others
    Deeper Understanding of Other's Thoughts and Motivations
    Increased Self Confidence
    Attraction Of Positivity
    Repelling of Negative Influence
    Repelling of Negative Individuals
    Gaining of More Positive and Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships
    Ability to Interpret Deeper and True Meaning of Situations
    Ability to Interpret Esoteric Knowledge & Secrets Easier
    Attraction of Good Business Relations and Business Choices

Simply hold the pendant for a space of time weekly, or for faster effects, meditate with it. An hour or two a week will allow full transfer of all energy and the resonance of the magics within to infuse to you.