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February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full  moon!

The reasoning, that has been studied and found, as to why this occurred is due to a portal from Jupiter that changed the orbal array of the moon, thus never letting it go through all of its complete phases.

The portal was only open for 5 days in the month of February and is regimented to be open again in 150 years --- meaning in February 2015 this portal will re-open!

So we again will most likely have no full moon during that month.

With the aspects of the generative powers that have been developing in the past 100 years, you will be one of only a select few who will have access to this portal ... and all of its powers!

You will automtically become a master of direct skills and understand the esoteric interests and powers that will emerge to you from the portal.

Even from day one you will have a surged charge and gain connetions with the kinetic forces of the Universal spectrum, but the direct empowerment and mastery embrace will occur in February of 2015.

This is the only one we have, and as far as we know there have only been 5 created!