Prypiat Project Prevalence
Prypiat Project Prevalence

Prypiat Project Prevalence

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Prypiat Project Prevalence

Prypiat is in the northern Ukraine and once housed the workers and scientists of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Founded in the 70's, it held as many as 50,000 people. Then in 1986, according to a footnote in the official Soviet records, there was a small malfunction in the Chernobyl reactor, so for safety reasons the city was evacuated.

Since then, Prypiat has been desolated, its buildings decaying, the giant Ferris Wheel just standing there all alone with nobody to ride it. The city actually had an entire amusement park for the families of the Chernobyl employees. Because when you are living next to a nuclear reactor which was outdated even by 1986 Soviet standards, the only thing on your mind is bumper cars~!

The city is located in what is known as the Zone of Alienation, the 30-kilometer radius directly affected by the Chernobyl "minor technical difficulty" over 20 years ago. Despite that, Prypiat is now opened to the public because the radiation levels have apparently went down significantly over the years. We guess we have a different view on radiation than the government of Ukraine. They obviously have a scale for it, while we consider any radiation a very bad thing.

Aside from the inherent risk of getting bit by a radioactive snail and becoming the lamest superhero ever, there is another reason why you will never see us among the tourists occasionally visiting Prypiat.

The children's nursery....we told you this was a place built for families and wouldn't you know it, they have a nursery, which according to certain claims is currently paved with baby shoes and abandoned dolls. So, Prypiat is basically an abandoned radioactive ghost Soviet baby amusement park.

This was never a place we ever wanted to go - as we value our fresh air, but Adita was enticed by this place and she met a man that was looking to test radiation for a doctorate thesis, so they went together.

The vials of substance that they brought back tested to have nor only radiation in it, but also high levels of human reactive energies.

Since the levels were mixed with the radiative matter, this generated the force of revolutionary reactive adaptation.

This will develop the skills within you to develop a resistance, or immunity, to whatever you were injured by, or exposed to --- this effect can be permanent or temporary! This is how the people who lived there and worked for the company were able to survive.

A mystical energy that will help you resist negative viruses and germs that you otherwise would be effected by!

This has not been fully tested with other diseases, so we are not making any claims that it cures anything -- it will just proclaim a barrier to new exposed ailments.

** This is a gorgeous piece that is extremely powerful and blessed  --- this is 10kt gold!!