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This item serves as the vessel for three Angels. The gifts they offer their keeper are truly limitless as they have divine blessings and rare talents. Unless you have experienced the blessings of an Angel in your life it is hard to truly understand the mystical, spiritual and optimism that a keeper is blessed with when an Angel enters their life~!

The fact that this vessel holds three Angels brings three times the magic, joy and power!

When one is in the presence of an Angel there is an immediate feeling of peace, tranquility, optimism and love. Even the darkest, saddest, most hopeless of days can be uplifted, and the negativity driven out when an Angel is nearby.

Angels have an incredible ability that can truly be life-changing. We all have had moments when we feel we were blessed somehow, somewhere by someone and quite often the credit should go to an Angel.

Whether it be walking away without a scratch from a serious car accident, to having a burst of wisdom or creativity that completes an assignment that seemed doomed to fail – there are Spirits (some of them Angels) who can affect and alter events in our lives and sometimes change them forever.

Occasionally, for various reasons, Angels that are “assigned” to someone who is no longer around. This is a wonderful way to bring back those guides, protectors, hope-givers – and more. The power, grace and spirituality they command is undeniable. The sense of calm and joy they offer is invaluable. They are of the purest white light, love and devotion.

This vessel will be a powerful reminder of where we come from, where we are now, and what is to come. With this piece you will know you are protected, guided by light and love, and have the spiritual divine connection imparted by your coveted three blessed Angels.