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This piece holds a pure and powerful winter fairy of white light.

Her name is Gail and she was born from the snow, particularly snowflakes, and as snowflakes are as unique as a fingerprint, so are winter fairies. This is the time to have this type of fairy join you because they are at their most powerful and vibrant in the summer, as they are strengthening and preparing for the winter months now!

Fairies are almost all nature-based, so a winter fairy will take on an image that appears snowy, white and glowing.

Gail is stunning... she is beautiful to look at and wonderful to have near. She is very high energy, and when the weather is cold , especially when snow is near, she is ecstatic to advance your  life and help you do anything!

Many winter fairies will retreat when the weather becomes warmer and return again when cold weather is back. During the warm months they collect particles to prepare for the cold months when they do their work.

During the hot months, keep the vessel in the freezer for at least two days per month– this will help increase Gails energy levels tremendously.

With this piece you will find your life more enjoyable and exponentially easier and you will find that your success rate will go through the roof.