Shape-shifting Werewolf
Shape-shifting Werewolf

Shape-shifting Werewolf

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This piece holds an incredible spiritual female shape-shifting Werewolf~!!

When she is not in the “Were” phase she manifests as a pretty, young woman. She is very wise, exceedingly interesting to be around, and an excellent guardian.

Upon arrival, she will go through her new keeper’s home and cleanse the entire residence of any negative, evil, and uninvited spirits and/or energy that may be lingering and causing disruption.

Take note of “close calls”, “near misses”, etc., as she is likely to be behind the protection her keeper will receive.

She is also likely to aid her keeper with the abilities of a Were (Shifter). This includes: Extreme Protection , Magic, Guidance, Heightened Intuition, Loyalty, Companionship, Extreme Revenge, Divination, Psychic Dreams and Prophetic Visions~!

With a Werewolf interlocked with you, your senses will increase dramatically.

She is very rare and an excellent addition to keepers of any level. She is quite easy to bond with~!