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Keys are an important symbol to your healing growth, and often show up through visions and imprints during guidance and motivation when Deedee does a reading for a client~!

One day a flash vision came forward while we were on our way for lunch -- Deedee was driving and pulled off to the side of the road.

She said that she was shown many small boxes. They sat within a room much like a library, all neatly labeled and shelved. She saw me standing with one of these boxes in my hands ready to find a safe spot for it. Space began getting limited, there seems to be an overabundance of boxes, and I was not quite sure what to do. So I remained idle.

She then saw a figure (spirit) near me. He sweetly took the box and handed me a key. He looks at the other boxes until he finds the right one. He pulls it and sets it down. He then takes the box I had and places it in its place.

This was a play by play as Deedee saw it --- She then said I was asked to take the key and open the box he just grabbed. I am quite hesitant, and for many reasons. I had placed my pain and agony from a situation within the box...and I did not want to relive, or feel it again. This is why I chose to place aside my emotions in hopes they would secretly go away. I do not want to relive and FEEL; so I ‘boxed’ them up.

-- As Deedee is showcasing this vision to me, a tear rolled down my cheek, she was hitting the nail on the head with how I bottle up my emotions.

She continued ... the spirit is assuring me that the ‘box’ of emotions he pulled is one that you can NOW conquer. Time heals a heart, and you are much stronger now. He will ensure that you pull each and every box within time~your time~the time needed.

This sweet soul is shaking his head with a smile. He so wants you to learn to release your emotions as they arise, and learn to deal with them, not ‘file away’.

Soon he says there will be no more boxes. Soon he says you will have so much free space to fill these shelves with boxes of love and self-gratitude.

She opened her eyes and told me to look in my jeans pockets -- in the right leg pocket there was this key!

I have had this for over 3 years and it has taken away a ton of contention and opened an array of enlightenement and relinquishment of fear, stress, strain, agony and pain from the past... my life is SO much better, weights have been lifted and now I have felt it is time for the spirit to help you!

He has been there for me and changed my life, and now it is your turn~!