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Tinks are little creatures that appear as naked, beautiful women with wings that shine like twinkling stars.

Tinks are known to  get really angry when someone comments about them being naked, as this is natural for them.

They are able to fly, quickly and easily with the help of their wings, while they also possess enough enhanced strength to defeat a human.

You want to ensure that they are on your side!! Most tinks remain a dimension above the Earth, but we have generated a pull that brought one into our realm, and she now resides in this piece.

She is very friendly and flirty and will relinquish the skills that are used in her dimension to bring forth strong powers of intimacy power to her keeper.

Tinks are proud of their bodies and sexuality... they are not ashamed, as media has made humans these days.

So now you will have a designated fairy that will guide you with advice and confidence to strut your stuff, and not feel bad in your body.

If you fail at diets, time and time again, or have bad stretch marks, or maybe you hide a big stomach with spanks, so you are scared to be intimate and naked with another -- well now you will see the beauty of your body, as Ipnia will help you see things through the streaming images of how other dimensions live.

This is a fast acting, life altering piece, that will work for anyone, as we ALL have things about our bodies that we try to hide.... that we simply are not happy with --- now you will have a new outlook, and gain mind channeling attributes to uplift you and make you more appealing to everyone around you.

No longer will you be the slump on the couch wallowing in your own self pity... you will be vibrant, confident and alluring -- a definite change is about to happen if you invite Ipnia into your life~