Deciphering  DISCIPLINE

Deciphering DISCIPLINE

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Hope and Discipline
These are token charms that derive exactly what is encrypted on it~! These were designed and empowered by a shrew in Salem, and will enforce the generative empowerment into you.
The Hope charm will bring enlightenment into your life and allow you to see the facets of the Universe with new eyes -- as Hope creates change, and thus brings about good tidings and endearments upon you!
The Discipline charm is one of three that we got, the other two were sold already, and the two who bought them are using them to regiment a weight loss program for themselves. Two friends got them, and so far, in only 3 weeks, have lost a combined total of 24 lbs.!! They said the charms have granted elusive energies that have given them great will power and strength that has imperially enriched their minds, bodies and spirits and they are loving the new attitude and sensations in which they have been filled with~!!
** Each of these charms is to be listed separately for $35.00 each
~Check out item #:072313013 to see the HOPE Charm