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We all search for companionship and love, as having two hearts intertwined can impact forceful events of pure magic. The criss-cross of interval energies can be very fulfilling!

This item holds 4 pixies that go together, two male/female couples. These pixies love to cause mischief and other acts of destruction and for this reason you must know what you are getting.

They will never cause destruction to their companion but to anybody the companion don't like, wanton destruction is available short of killing, they won't do that! They are all around 350 years old.

Noted to be light and loving, which they are, they also are spiteful and full of strong antics and vengeful prospects of power when someone messes with them!

They get mad when someone messes with their loves -- and they have been best friends for so long that the couples unite to form a strong bond.

The pixies have come forth during a conjuring and are all within this piece. They are looking to help someone in need of finding love, as their multitue of bliss will showcase power to bring someone into your life.

You will not be able to messed with in love, as if someone begins to lead you on the pixies will ratify them and remove them from your life.

Many people stay single because they say there is no where to meet someone decent, but now you will not have that issue, or excuse, as the influence and energies from these two couples will equip you with the expositions that you need to flourish and find that mate that you need.