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Giant spiders are an oversized variant of the common spiders that we all see from time to time in our homes.

Spiders have always had that terror value since many people find them to be creepy and that they produce large webs to catch their prey~!

Anything that gets caught in the sticky web the spider comes and grabs them and drains them of their fluid. Spider characteristics are that they have eight legs, they can walk on most surfaces including upside down on the ceiling. They produce webs and sometimes have a poisonous bite.

This item holds a majest Giant spider that will spin his web over your bed and catch your dreams and eat them while you sleep, it will catch good as well as bad dreams so you had better specify which ones you want it to eat.

If you have constant nightmares, or have a hard time sleeping due to vivid dreams -- then this is for you!

Some may ask why would you want good dreams eaten? Some people do not have nightmares, however they do not get good rest because their minds will not stop functioning and they remain in the state of dreaming longer then they should -- thus not allowing their body to rest properly... so in leui of this, you can get the spider to eat the dream and your body will be able to sleep and rest faster.

Do not worry about this spider, as you will not feel it crawling on you -- it is not poisonous  --- it is longing to emerge a web for you, as then it has a constant food source, it will honor and respect you ~!

Great piece that brings true rest and can enlighten fear in the cases of nightmares to you.