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The naga are human like serpentine spirits that inhabit lakes, streams, and rivers in southeast Asia. These beings are unique and powerful. Some witnesses say that they are more human like with many snake heads, some say they are more like a large serpent that can take human form.
Basically a naga can appear like any and all of these forms. They can shift form between human and serpent and any combination thereof. So, all the witnesses are essentially correct. There is also a discrepancy as to their nature. Some say that they are darker beings, some say they are more light and enlightened. Again, both can be true. It depends on the individual spirit as to its nature.

These are highly protective spirits that can guard you spiritually and physically if necessary. This entity will guide you toward your highest good as well as being a protector and companion. He can appear in any human/serpent form he likes but he generally takes the appearance of a half human/half snake.

Our piece holds the invoked spirit of a male Naga, named Dourth. He is a very sensual, exotic and erotic being.  He is a high spirited creature that is supremely protective... he is skilled in prophecy and divination~!

He is also highly masterful in Easter Magic.... his bottom 'snake' half is dark green in color and about 12 ft long, while his more human torso is smooth and sculpted with tan skin and he has a close shaven bald head. He is very sexy in mine, and Deedee's eyes... and trust me I am not a fan of snakes, but there is just something very alluring about him!

He is a very impressive site--exotic and somewhat erotic..he can be sexual in nature. A wise sage and diviner he can forsee future events and help you to avoid mistakes and pitfalls.Guiding you to high spiritual pursuits, knowledge and mysticism. Even though he is very spiritual in nature he is also active and enthusisatic and welcomes the opportunity to get to know you very well.
He will accpet the limits you place on your relationship even accepting a male companion. He will provide guidance, magic blessings, protection and even prosperity. He will share with you all he knows and if your relationship does turn sexual you will be glad of his experience~!!