Were" is Wesley?
Were" is Wesley?

Were" is Wesley?

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"Were" is Wesley?

This majestic piece holds a dominant Danish male Werewolf, named Wes... we like to call him Wesley!

 He is nearly 350 years old and is absolutely amazing~! As Werewolves are synonymous with the Moon, they are naturally in-tuned to nature and all living life around us. Of course for them the beauty of the Moon can also be a source of conflict and unwanted changes.

Wes earnestly embraces the state he is in, the forms he is able to take, and the strength he gains when he shifts. He is a master shape-shifter and can take the form of many, many things. It takes little time for him to bond with you, due to trust, but once you become attached a ferocious protective relationship awaits you and any who you request him to bequeth as well.

Your connection will impart Wes to intervene, if you are ever in a dangerous situation, as he will utilize his powers an abilities to try and ensure prevention of any harm.
He is a tremendous guardian, confidant and friend, and trusted ally that you will turn to many times. He has a romantic, affectionate side and is not afraid to show his  love and warmth; this is why it takes him longer to connect, as he wants to unsure a pure bond of trust is created!

His abilities and skills never cease to amaze... as they have been noted to bevast and mighty~!

 He can protect, bring wealth, health, and so much more. His presence is always felt and his powers huge, but of course he is at his strongest when the Moon is full. This is the ideal time to ask very important tasks of him... and this is also when you will hinder opportunites to physically see him (when the moon is full).

Wes offers much to his keeper.. so if you are looking for guidance, protection, enhanced perception, courage and strength, lifelong companionship, knowledge of past lives and massive full moon energy -- then this werewolf is for you!!