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Science has once again stepped up to the plate, in a manner of speaking. A new study says that singing “Happy Birthday” actually makes cake taste better.

The study, published in the upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science, finds that the ritual of singing before eating a slice of cake, or any other dessert, increases one's appreciation of the treat. The result is that the food ends up tasting better, at least in our minds.

The “Happy Birthday to You” song hasn’t even been around for 100 years, though the Guinness World Records does call it the most recognizable song in the English language. So, is it the song itself or the ritual?

We  found that this ritual even extends beyond singing to include such practices as how you open up a a candy bar.

Do you have any personal routines when it comes to eating your food? For example, do you treat yourself to a doughnut on Friday mornings at work? Personalized eating habits like this, carried out in “repeated, episodic and fixed behaviors” result in us enjoying that doughnut all the more because of the anticipation built up in our minds.

A client told us that “Whenever I order an espresso, I take a sugar packet and shake it, open the packet and pour a teeny bit of sugar in, and then taste,” “It's never enough sugar, so I then pour about half of the packet in. The thing is, this isn't a functional ritual, I should just skip right to pouring in half the packet.”

In other words, her own personalized consumption habit is an integral part of her enjoyment of that espresso~!

During testing, groups were asked  to eat chocolate bars in two different manners. The first group was told to methodically eat half of the bar, wait for a set period of time, then unwrap and eat the other half. Those in the second group of testers were allowed to randomly eat the chocolate bar however they preferred. It was found that the first control group reported a higher satisfaction level and were even willing to pay more money for the chocolate bars.

Another significant finding was that this ritualistic enjoyment applied only to our own personal behaviors. Meaning that our Espresso lady wouldn’t likely get any enjoyment out of watching someone else incrementally add sugar to her espresso. In fact, she might find the process frustrating, since the logical part of her brain knows that she simply wants more sugar added.

This ideology was generated into a mindnumbing piece that will allow all the rituals of your daily life to fill you with good vibes! Sometimes the same routine will leave us feeling dull and void of happiness and gratification --- so we simply have our lives pass us by without the realization that the small things in life are really the big things!

A kiss good morning, a hug goodbye --- these are the things that matter and are the triggers that will make you happy. But just as people will get out of routine on how they eat, they will lose their touch with personal convictions and lose their own faith in themselves!

This piece is a double heart ring that was designed with energies spell cast from Grizzelle -- as this was made to enrich your life in all ways, this allowing for the routines to enich your life. I am sure my cake will taste better tonight, if someone sings Happy Birthday to me -- and I would not have it any other way ~ so to have that invoked sensation in all avenues of your life will be amazing --- connect with this piece and you will be filled with the adornment to rally all the little things in life -- and not overlook the rite of passage that is placed within reach each and every day!!