Conductive of all Leo's Knowledge -- Secret Codes/Books Recovere
Conductive of all Leo's Knowledge -- Secret Codes/Books Recovere
Conductive of all Leo's Knowledge -- Secret Codes/Books Recovere

Conductive of all Leo's Knowledge -- Secret Codes/Books Recovere

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Conductive of all Leo's Knowledge -- Secret Codes/Books Recovered

The nobleman leaves the villa in a rage, his spurs scarring the marble tiles with each, and every, step. Once outise, he turns around and calls up to the second floor: "You will be sorry, Melzi. My prince makes such an offer only once"

Then he mounts his horse. Francesco Melzi looks down formt he window above and watches a fortune ride off into the distance. But the artit remains firm: For 20 years he has been gurading a rich treasury of knowledge, the likes of which the world has never seen. His master had entrusted it to him on his deathbed. Since then Melzi has hidden the treasure in his villa. Selling it is out of the question -- not even to the ruler of Milan.

We do not know whether Fancesco Melzi truly realized the significanace of what was in the old oak chest with the dark metal fittings? However, he may have suspected that its content was worth its weight in gold, and that everything in the chest could never belong to just one man, but only to the whole of mankind. The chest contained no less than the knowledge of the world at that time - -and this knowledge was not a collection from countless scholars, but rather the origination of a lifetime for a single mind, that of Leonardo da Vinci, Melzi's teacher.

This great genius of human history had covered nearly 10,000 pages with writing and sketches that served as records of everything that came to his mind -- all the observations, discoveries, inventions, and ideas of his long life. All of Leonardo's existing manuscripts were in a chest in a villa in Vaprio d'Adda, Italy.

Francesco Melzi died in 1570 an his son, Orazio, didn't know where to begin with the old parchments. When Orazio died his heirs sold the parchments -- and the looting began.

Today, Leonardo's manuscripts are found in 11 different places in Europe, but that is only 20% of the total writings of the master from Vinci. The rest is "lost" -- believed to be forgotten on library shelves an perhaprs reappearing by chance -- like the two notebooks that were first discvoered in Madrid in 1967. However, much of Leonardo's treasure will probably remain lost forever....

In the public society it is formulated that, nearly 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, we know only about one-fifth of what he knew!!

This is the information that are in the notebooks that have been implememnted and discovered. The notebooks are known as codices, to thank for Leonardo's anatomicl studies, his notes done in mirror writing, an the design sketches for technical inventions that woul remain only partially realized until centuries later.

** Many of the books were recovered by Occult masters, and the information was known to be very powerful and far beyond the guidance of his years, that they knew Da Vinci was born with bequethed internal powers and talents. He was an Imperial Majestic Being who was born to promote change and advancements for our world!

~ Through contacts across the paranormal spectrum, we have been blessed with access to many of the "lost" books -- of course just to view breifly... but by doing so we were able to access some outstaning rites of mind, and focus in, on the generative facets of pure genius.

This piece has been infused and ritually imparted with power using the elements of knowledge that was acquired in these secret books. Having these forceful energies wash over you, and interject into your body, will entice the regiments of Leonardo's findings and blessed knowledge to flow within you.

You will become today's Leonardo, as we have information from each coveted book, something no one else is known to have acquired. Keeping acquaintances on friendly terms has paid off, and BIG.

Your mind will expand and your characteristics will explode with potential -- this is a one of a kind, limitless growth of knowledge piece!

"He is like a man who awoke too early in the darkness, while the others were all still asleep." -- Freud