NJ Chainsaw Massacre
NJ Chainsaw Massacre

NJ Chainsaw Massacre

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NJ Chainsaw Massacre

In South Jersey there are endless sand roads that lead to nowhere all over the place. Deedee lived in Jersey for years, so she was familiar with a variety of roads like this, and had explored many.

We got a call from a woman, Cathy, who said that she lived in the woods, not far from one of these strange sand roads. Her husband and her built their home in the woods merely two years ago, they wanted to get away from the buildup of developments, they liked being secluded. However, in a tragic accident her husband was killed back in May. Ever since she keeps hearing strange noises, mostly screams that have been regimenting from outside her home. Now her dream house is more like that of a nightmare -- she is alone in the woods.

Without her husband living any longer, she has listed the home for sale, but she cannot afford to move until it sells and called us in to investigate what the strange scream like noises are.

We camped out for three nights on her property. We started hiking down the road that randomly ended, and even though we had a compass and map to help us we soon realized that they were of little use!

We were 'lost' I guess you could say, roaming the woods and we found our way to Mt. Misery, which once was a Civilian Conservation Corps camp. After exploring the area for awhile we began to head back to our tents. We ended up going a different way back, as Lindy thought she knew a way to cut back through, and we passed a small home that ha junk all over the place. It was odd that there was a home out there, but we wanted to try and get back before it was totally dark.

Of course the shortcut was not a shortcut and we got lost, again, on the course of what had to be at least a 10 mile hike we saw miles and miles of sand roads that would start and stop -- and we even saw headlights barreling down the one path as dusk fell. An old beat up truck approached us, it was driven by an old man. He pulled up and asked us what we were doing out there?  Shortly thereafter from talking with him we learned that he owned the Texas Chainsaw house!

Normally this would be a prime place we would want to investigate, but after being in the woods for hours and being lost we were all a bit spooked.  We were going to ask if we could get contact info. to make a future date to investigate and literally the man an truck vanished into thin air!

Then the sounds started to emerge.... just as Cathy described... high pitched screams -- it was coming from back the road we came, back near the house with all the rubbage!

We headed back that route and the closer we got we heard the sounds of chainsaws! This was the mans crypt in New Jersey!! So now deep in the woods we located the New Jersey Chainsaw house!

We stayed back from the place, but got within view, where we saw flashes of light and lue and purple lights in the home. We tried to capture some footage on Deedee's phone, but it would not pick up.

After deciding to come back in the daytime and go through the home we tried to find our way back. We ended up seeing headlights up on a road and once at the road we hitched a ride back to Cathy's!

We told Cathy what we discovered and saw, this made her uneasy and now she really wanted to move.... but when we went back the next day we discovered some amazing items --- and this piece was found to be the most powerful. After we did our retrieval Cathy told us that the screaming sounds had dissipated!

She still let her house on the market, as she did not want to be all alone in the woods -- but this piece is the masters item.

This holds the souls of all who had been massacred from this crazy man! There is a strand within this pendant for every victim, and this has been tested and found to hold the eliminative powers and abilities of him and all those who he killed.

At the time of conception we are all granted incredible powers and strengths that we have to unlock and discover as we grow -- most people never tap into 95% of theirs... all of these latent gifts prosper at the time of death if they were never developed... so along with the spirits are all of these abilities.

Every time it is used more things are discovered, it is a coveted piece that can really help you to do, and discover, ANYTHING!!