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Are you being abused in your relationship? Does the person you love...
•"Track" all of your time, doing things like checking your computer history?  
•Constantly accuse you of being unfaithful?  
•Discourage your relationships with family and friends?  
•Listen in on your private phone conversations? 
•Prevent you from working or attending school?  
•Criticize you for little things?  
•Anger easily and fighting, especially when drinking or on drugs?  
•Control all finances and force you to account in detail for what you spend? 
•Become unnecessarily involved in your professional life? 
•Humiliate you in front of others?  
•Destroy personal property or sentimental items?  
•Hit, punch, slap, kick, or bite you or the children?  
•Use or threaten to use a weapon against you?  
•Threaten to hurt you or the children?  
•Demand the password to all your email accounts?  
If you find yourself saying yes, it’s time to get help.  
This piece will infuse the power for you to gain self-confidence, self-motivation, self-power, strength and proficiency in making choices. This is for both women AND men... men are abused in relationships as well, whether gay, or straight!
And not just for ultra-sensitive men. Ultra-sensitive men don’t have different reactions to an abusive relationship, often, they have more intense reactions. They’re magnified, and we can see them more clearly. If you recognize any of the patterns you see in this article, whether or not you’re ultra-sensitive, it’s time to look at whether your relationship is abusive. Some clues (for the straight men, as they are normally clueless):  
•Do you dread "talks" with her?  
•Does your pulse rise and your mind become foggy at the mere thought of a disagreement or conflict with her?  
•Will you do anything to avoid the conflict and keep the peace?  
•Do you have inexplicable aches and pains, or tenseness?  
•Are these worse when you’re around her?  
•Do you have panic attacks at the mere thought of conflict, or mere thought of being with her?  
•Do you find yourself looking for a lot more "alone time"?  
•Does being alone seem a lot more calming and appealing than spending time with her?  
If you are reading this and it sounds familiar, it’s time to get this piece and start helping yourself!! Abandon your denial, stop blaming them for everything and do the right thing for yourself, and your future~!!