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Governments around the world have been building underground facilities for the last century or so, some even longer. I think the reasoning behind this is the very same reason that humanity will eventually pass from the earth; there are too many people in power who can only envision the future through the narrow focus of war~!!
It is what they think of all the time and so it is what they constantly prepare for. 
Our own government, the US, and their allies are even now twisting and turning the internal struggles of other sovereign nations in such a way as to justify yet another war based on control of the world's oil market. And they certainly must know that scenario will not end well. They are simply preparing for the worst case scenario. You know, the one where the elites get to go underground to stay safe while the rest of us have to struggle to survive on the surface facing death and starvation due to nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. 
Just imagine though, what a beautiful world we could exist in if only those in power spent all of that money preparing for peace instead. We could cure disease and make sure that those cures are available to everyone. 
We could develop safe, clean, and renewable energy. We could grow enough food for every single man, woman and child on the planet and guarantee that food reaches everyone. We could supply free education for all. We could ensure that everyone has clean water to drink. 
Just imagine.
** Those in power will always dis-barge the trials of those who care, because greed is money -- and the powerhouse that most people strive for!!
We have a piece that will embark wealth upon a person who is in need, but who is not of greed. If your life has you needing money, but you are absent of trying to get it anyway imaginable... including hurting others, then this piece will trace your goodness and impart a blessing to you -- as they know you will utilize the wealth to utilize skills into the world for the better.
Underground empowerers will render the negative components of greed throughout the world, this will generate the imperial minds of all humans -- so you can offset these variables with pure minded bliss that will acculturate the prosperity of the true good that still roams our Earth. You will be a leader and master for this coven -- extraordinary piece!!