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We lay side-by-side on top of the bedspread, making small talk and kissing, when Vandor somehow wriggled his hand inside the waistband of my tight pants, into my panties, and touched my moist vagina.

This brought to my mind an instant flashback of the week before when I had seen him and utilized my orders to stay clear. I knew as I lay there wanting him to touch me more, that this was not what I was supposed to be doing, but it just felt too good! I needed to let him fondle my body. Being on Earth, in human form, as for my orders gave me enhanced pleasure, and my receptors were raging off the scales.

I definitely wanted to use my sensory feelings and feel Vandor penetrate me with his powerful thrusts. I scooted off the end of the bed and lowered my tight pants and panties to my ankles, to give him easier access to my dripping, glory hole.

In the time it took me to lower my pants and underwear, Vandor had moved off the side of the bed, pulled off his pants and briefs, jumped back to the center of the bed and spread his legs with his pulsating cock in the air.

Vandor told me that I had the most beautiful legs and feet he had ever seen; he loved how my body glowed. I spread my curvy legs slightly apart, letting him see my pussy with its gorgeous folds wet with all my lubrication that were visible in the illumination coming in from the window.

Vandor was engaged on my angelic lips and once I climbed into bed and neared his naked body he asked me “Will you put it in for me?” so I reached down and wrapped my hand around his shaft, pulling the foreskin back to reveal the smooth head. I touched the head to my vaginal lips and he said it felt cold. A breeze from the open window had been evaporating the lubrication from my lips, making them feel cool. I then sat down and felt him push his penis head inside my vulva.

Vandor loved the warmth and softness within me and I loved the strength of his cock pulsating. I moved up and down and thrust forward and back feeling his cock head ready to enter me. I wanted him to feel his cock get moist and slippery; then I moved his penis down to slip inside the entrance of my vagina.

I then moved my hand away and Vandor pushed his penis slowly all the way up inside my firm, pulsating tunnel. He packed it in me until I could feel his balls slapping my bottom. Vandor said he was amazed at the incredible heat deep within me, he pulled his penis back near the opening, and felt my vagina pulling under the ridge where the foreskin is attached to the mushroom head, making the nerve endings tingle, and making him want to push it back in and do it again!

It felt so good, for both of us, and Vandor was moaning, so I knew he wasn't going to last long. I planned to make him pull out before he ejaculated and have him squirt on my belly, but a stirring in his scrotum felt so good that he didn't tell me that he was going to ejaculate... so instead of pulling out, he pulled back and stopped, reluctant to leave my warmth and comfort, until just the head of his penis was in my vagina, then he began spurting and spurting helplessly within me! I could feel his sperm flooding my canal.

After his orgasm, he pulled the rest of the way out of me and sat on the edge of the bed, his hard-on still in spasms and slick with our combined juices.

I felt incredible, yet I had not reached a full climax myself, but his orgasm awoke me to the thought of what I had just done. And what the consequences of my actions could be! Would I become pregnant with the spawn of evil?

This item holds Vandor within the piece, marked with a V, it highlights the intense lust and sexual intensity that he grants to his lover and also imaparts an image of Sarah -- and the enjoyment of her pleasure in her vagina. She was impregnated and had a love child -- which made her forever his.

You do not have to worry about getting pregnant, but you will surely feel the most tantalizing passion, lust and imparted energies of sexual pleasure -- he will evade any female, or male, but does prefer the Vagina over the Mangina!

** Get ready for intense orgasms as you wear this piece ~!

This is not Vandor but Calston and Dorian