"D" is for DIVA

"D" is for DIVA

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This is a boost of confidence and grants spasms of sparks that impede attractiveness. You will be looked upon by others as extremely sexy, cunning and alluring.

The token was marked with a D for Dove, as a dove is the symbol of peace, love and tranquility; but we like to say it is for DIVA... as you will shine and have people paying attention to your every move, in turn making you feel like a superstar.

The pristine empowerment that will embed itself in your spirit will make you a success as you will feel great about yourself and be able to speak your mind and share your thoughts openly without worrying about what anyone else will have to say~!

There is also a clover at the top of this piece to ensure pure luck and good energy as your spirit is lifted with the confidence! Are you tired of feeling down due to your job, weight, relationship, etc? Then get over the gloom and despair with this piece!