Secrets Reveal Powers
Secrets Reveal Powers
Secrets Reveal Powers

Secrets Reveal Powers

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Sisters Keep Secrets ~

A customer of ours, Cindy, grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Her sister and her were in their bedroom when a huge storm started; their father proceeded to close up all the windows.

Her mother said that the girls had to take baths, her sister first and then Cindy. Her sister went into the bathroom and started taking a shower. Cindy waited in her room, and to make things go faster, she remembers that she turned on the TV to watch her favorite show, "Saved By the Bell."

Lightning and thunder were booming outside and it made the windows vibrate. When she tried to turn on the TV, nothing happened because her dad had disconnected the power cord from the outlet for safety's sake.

Since Cindy was a kid, she decided to plug it in again, so she could watch the show. When she stood up, and tried to plug it in, she heard the biggest bang she experienced in her life; it felt as if a big "force" hit her on the chest! The boom knocked her over upon the floor, as she was laying flat on the floor it came.

A big ball of light about the size of a basketball then began to hover in the hallway. It made incredibly loud sounds, and there were sparks flying all over the place. This lasted about one second, and then it "flew" away from my line of sight, through the hallway and toward the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Cindy heard her mother scream and she ran out of her room. When she reached the hallway she recalls that it was consumed in smoke, and you could smell "burnt metal," like a soldering smell.

Her mother was screaming as she ran into the bathroom. She said she saw the ball of light running through the hallway and "going through" the bathroom door.

Amazingly, the wooden door itself was unaffected! When she opened the door, she screamed again because Cindy's sister, Anne, was not there - there was only a burnt hole about the size of a baseball in the mosquito net that covered the bathroom's window.

Cindy's mother desperately screamed for Anne, only to discover that she was hiding behind the toilet in a fetal position, scared out of her wits. Anne later said that she got really scared because this "big and bright scary thing" flew into the bath as she was undressing, so she hid behind the toilet until it was gone.

This infusion of brightness was at first thought to be lightening, but Anne was affected by the encounter, not only by being scared, but also by being empowered.

Cindy has always been a follower of the occult and since they shared a room they were always together; Cindy noticed that Anne had what looked like a pentagram on her side. She questioned her sister about it and she said that is where the ball of light entered her; she had "forgotten" to mention this to their parents.

Anne made Cindy promise that she wouldn't tell their parents because Anne knew that her mom would immediately take her to the hospital, and she hated going to the doctors!

Cindy kept her promise and never told her parents --- as they got older Anne realized that she had abilities that others did not. Anne is able to pick up on other peoples thoughts and hear them -- this brought her extrasensory components inside her brain, bringing forth intellectual understanding of others view points.

She also was granted flash visions -- she is not full psychic, but will see important flashes of conspiracy that grants her heightened sensitivity to negative energies that surround her.

After living with these infused powers Cindy suggested that Anne use her abilities to help others! Cindy has been a loyal customer of ours for years and asked Deedee if she knew how Anne's powers could be utilized.

Anne came to Pennsylvania to meet with Deedee and it was found that all of her abilities were enchanted witch powers that were forecast into her as a child during the light possession on her body.

She never stopped to think about it, but Anne realizes that she always got what she wanted because she was able to manipulate others thoughts to get her way. She has never had struggles, or heartache because she can make what she wants to happen, happen!

This infusement of power could be felt coming off of Anne when you were in the same room with her. Deedee used a scrying tool to work with the energies and rod the powers into these items.

These pieces each hold a bit of the infused "lightning" that has forever changed Anne's life. Cindy had always been a bit jealous of what Anne could do, so she was the first to get one of the pieces; she was the ultimate tester for these items.

She was floored with the amazing abilities brought forth to her --- she can't believe that this is how her sister has lived for years!

You will gain the abilities of psychometry, clairaudience, clairlinguance and the visionary altering that has been created by Anne's spirit over time ~ these emblem items are perfect for those interested in witchery and extreme occult interaction with your soul.

You will receive one of the rings you see below