Ring of Divine Enhancement

Ring of Divine Enhancement

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Special Delivery of Blessings ~

This happened in a region of Portugal called Sintra, which always has been connected with mysticism. If you ever get the chance to travel through its forest roads, you'll understand why, as the atmosphere there can be particularly impressive with its fog-filled roads and luxuriant trees that create a fantastic enchanted atmosphere as well as a haunted one, depending on the day.

At about one o'clock in the morning during the first hour of the first day of January, 2009, three friends had left a new year's party and were driving through the woods heading for another party. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and from what I was told, it was a clear night with no fog, rain or anything else that could trigger the imagination.

Then they all saw a woman on the road, running toward their car hysterically screaming, "Please help my baby!" They stopped the car thinking they had hit the woman as they didn't have time to slow down. But when they got out of the car, there was nobody outside.

They got back in the car and got back on the road again. A few miles ahead they came to a very tight and narrow curve, they saw that there had been an accident.

A car had crashed and the occupants were dead. It was a couple, and the woman had been decapitated - the same woman they had seen on the road screaming, "Please help my baby!" And yes, there was a baby in the back seat, still alive - the only survivor of the accident. When the medics arrived on the scene, they said the couple had been dead for at least two hours before the guys had seen the woman on the road.

The couples only living relative was the woman's grandmother who was in her early 80's; she was unable to care for the baby... and there were no Godparents in place. The little girl was going to be put into foster care. The friends did not want to see that happen. The one man, Marcos, recently had been married and asked if his wife and him could adopt the girl.

Although it was a long process, Lidia, eventually was adopted by Marcos and his wife. Each year, on Lidia's birthday there was always a miracle that seemed to take place in their home. Marcos and his wife, Joana, were not too well off, but had love and family support and that was what was important to them.

Lidia is now about to turn 4; on her 2nd birthday her new family was blessed with receiving notice that they won a local raffle and got a new refrigerator which they desperately needed; on her 3rd birthday they were blessed with a windfall of money that allowed them to have more time to spend with their family.

They soon realized that Lidia held pure charismatic powers. Her parents blessed her body with their emergence of light and love that has made her a person who holds energies that have an instilled amount of luck and pure magic.

Continuous interactions have showcased that to those who have encountered the small girl. Marco contacted Deedee to obtain help with making sure she his little girl would be protected as she grows; he didn't want her abilities to make her be subject to ridicule and outcast in his country.

Deedee met with the family back in May; during the interaction she was able to feel gravitation towards Lidia. Lidia is a pure child of divine blessing; her life will be fully blessed, along with Marco and Joana's for helping her have a great home life.

Tragedies can bring enchantment to others. Deedee granted an empowered pendant to protect Lidia as she grows. It hangs above her bed and will be a piece that she can carry and wear with her as she gets older.

When Deedee got back to the hotel after visiting the family her finger began to have a spasm. She was wearing a piece that was given to her as a thank you gift from Joana --- the ring began to glisten and she felt it tighten on her finger.

After about 3 minutes, the nourishing tension in the ring stopped. The piece was tested by our extensive group and it has been relinquished that the ring now is blessed with endearments of divine powers.

The same endowment that was blessed upon Marcos and Joana for taking care of Lidia has been implemented inside this ring. Lidia's birth parents have charged the piece with their divine energies and whoever adorns this ring will be empowered with ultimate blessings in their life.

If you are in a bad place, have negative forces around you, or could just use an uprise in your life --- then this exceptional piece is for you!!

This is a sterling silver ring with a glistening stone that holds the energies