Extreme Protection Amulets
Extreme Protection Amulets

Extreme Protection Amulets

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Shadows Can Be Enlightened~

Leslie Brock of Allentown, Pennsylvania, often has troubling sleeping. One night in the spring of her senior year, of college, she awoke to find something dark, something cloaked in the shadows of her room.

“I was asleep and I just woke up for no reason and there was this huge tall black figure standing on the side of my bed,” Leslie said. “Its legs were long and the being reached the ceiling, it was staring down at me with two beady, shiny eyes.”

Leslie lied in bed, the hooded figure staring down at her.

“I didn’t move because I was afraid if I moved it would know I was alive and try to kill me,” she said. “I felt as if I was paralyzed from the eyes down.”

As many people experiencing ghosts and shadow beings have reported, Leslie was able to shut her eyes and strangely fall back to sleep. She didn’t talk to anyone about the experience until her second paranormal encounter later that summer.

She had recently graduated and was living back home with her parents while she searched for a job.

It was cold and, as usual, she was unable to sleep very well -- it was freezing and she said that, “Before I fell asleep that night I ended up going into the laundry room and getting another comforter because I was freezing."

Leslie woke in the early morning hours to find another visitor in her room, a swirling, smoky cloud that slowly coalesced into the head of a lion.

“I woke up and I looked toward my door,” she said. “I didn’t even realize I was looking at anything until I saw these huge eyes staring at me. It was this swirling vortex of a cloud with two huge eyes. It had a mouth – and it was open. It looked more like a human mouth on a lion head with huge eyes. I was afraid, terrified.”

Leslie muttered “oh, my God, go away, please go away,” and the apparition slowly disappeared, leaving her in the cold, dark room.

“I turned on my lamp and could actually see my chest move from my heart pounding,” she said. “It was beating fast for maybe 30 minutes. I couldn’t calm down. I panicked. I felt nothing but evil coming off of that thing.”

The next day she reluctantly told her mother the story.

“She got scared for me,” Leslie said. “She started going into this whole thing about Jesus and to say ‘in the name of Jesus, I command you to go away.’ She also said something about ‘death comes knocking on peoples door all the time, you just have to be careful.

“Do you really think it’s death?”

Leslie found her mother spoke from experience. Her mother confessed that, as a child she experienced something dark and sinister knocking at her door.

When she was younger, she shared a room with her sister, and while she was laying in her bed she kept hearing this noise coming from the living room like footsteps.

The footsteps moved through the living room and kitchen before marching down the hallway to her bedroom door.

As these footsteps grew louder she said that she could barely breathe, and it started to get really cold and she had become really scared for her and her sister.

Leslie’s mother went to her jewelry box and pulled out a ring and began praying aloud as the footsteps came closer and a shadow appeared under the closed bedroom door; it was like someone was standing right outside.

“Right as the footsteps got up to her door she saw the knob turn and right as she said, ‘protect me lord,’ the shadow disappeared,” Leslie said. “The knob quit trying to turn to open the door.”

The piece that Diana, Leslie's mother used for protection was from Haunted Curiosities! The item was purchased for her by her sister a few years ago. Diana kept feeling the odd sensation that raptured them as a child when they moved into their new home so her sister ordered the item.

The feeling had left her and things were fine for years, the new evil entity must have followed Leslie home from college. The power of the piece simply need re-vitalized and it ended the wrath that connected to Leslie.

Diana was thrilled with the power that the item held and contacted Deedee to showcase her praise. Deedee then recalled that she had several other protection amulets that were manifested along with the piece that Barb, Diana's sister, had purchased. The website had malfunctioned a few years ago and while fixing the issues these other items did not get re-listed.

There are often people asking about protection amulets --- and these are the creme de le creme of what we have to offer.

Use Diana and Leslie's experiences to showcase to you that you can pick up negative entities without even knowing it. If you have seen a black shadow in your home, or know there is negativity surrounding your spirit, then you need one of these amazing pieces of protective power!

There are two available; one is a pendant and one is a locket, -- they offer an ultimate shield of protection that will surround and protect you.