A known blessed Engagement

A known blessed Engagement

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The Seven in Front of the Throne

In all honesty, this piece almost never was. The fact that we happened upon it, was sheer chance; well, then again, it could have been destiny. Anyway, the fact remains that we are offering you what we found in an abandoned church. I can’t tell you what town we were in, but I can tell you that this piece comes from somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I was out on one of my ventures, when I drove past a church on a lonely country road. The road meandered through woods and fields. You see, when I need stress relief sometimes I do this thing called “getting lost” where I drive down random roads simply to enjoy the drive. You can think of it kind of like scenic therapy.

This particular drive produced the piece that see below, which came from the church I was just telling you about. When I saw the church, I was fascinated and at first thought I wanted to get inside somehow; but I kept on driving. A voice in the back of my head told me to turn around… so I did.

As I approached the church, the sign invited me and welcomed me to First Baptist Church. The church was founded in 1903, rededicated in 1976. For some reason, the church now lies dormant and bereft of its former congregation. Curiosity got the better of me and I soon found my way into the Narthex of the old, abandoned church. I entered in the rear of the building first, through a broken window.

Inside the church were remnants of what used to be a decent sized congregation. Pews and altars completed the scene. I rummaged around a little bit more and found some old bibles and other interesting things, but nothing too much of immense value or worth. I was about to leave, when I received an epiphany from the Heaven’s. It was much like Saul on the road to Damascus, except I was never and evil tax collector.

Right before I left, intuition was telling me to turn around; so, I did. As I turned around, a gleaming ray of glory caught my eye. All will-power left my body and my head turned towards an object on the floor. Then, I was direct back up towards to the light, at which point I saw into all of the Heavens and experienced the splendor of the holy spiritual beings. Everything was Ivory and gold, inlaid with jewels. I saw the Heavenly host and experienced all their knowledge. With this knowledge, my mind was given enlightenment and I was able to comprehend what I was supposed to do.

When the holy ray relinquished its hold, I followed its path over to the piece that you see below. I picked it up in my hand; as soon as I did, the light ascended into Heaven. As for the piece, I took it with me. When I was done “getting lost”, I “got to work” on investigating this piece thoroughly. I spend several months with this piece, allowing it to bond with me. The conclusion is that the piece holds the Seven Before the Throne.

The Seven Before the Throne are seven angels that sit at Throne of God, at the right hand of God. They are his counsel and his first in command. It is from these angels that this piece pulls its power. First Baptist Church in “Nowhereville”, PA somehow managed to acquire this piece. I don’t know any more about the origins of this piece. What I do know is that this piece holds a high capacity power that brings you the Seven Spirits of God, as listed below.

1.) Spirit of the Lord: this spirit will come to you, and give you the divination that is possible for you to perform white light magic. You will receive the white magic of God and be able to practice it perfectly.

2.) Spirit of Wisdom: Call upon this guy to help you know understand, everything that is and ever was. He knows all the holy secrets that God, himself, keeps. Using this piece will give you timeless knowledge of God His world apart from ours.

3.) Spirit of Understanding: This spirit will come to you, and allow the ability of divine telepathy. With this power, you will be given the ability to confer with angels and holy spirits.

4.) Spirit of Counsel: The power contained by this spirit, will give you the ability to hold holy counsel with God, manifested in dreams and visions. It will help you know about the future of yourself and of the world.

5.) Spirit of Might: He will give you spiritual protection and allow your inner being to remain spiritually strong and rejuvenated. You will experience a spiritual high, which will keep you in sync and existing on a higher plane.

6.) Spirit of Knowledge: This goes hand in hand with the Spirit of Wisdom. There’s an exception, though. This spirit gives you the knowledge of Good and Evil. This will allow you mastery of the deceptions of evil spirits, while knowing the magic arts of the light side, to minimize evil on yourself and those you love.

7.) The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord: This spirit will keep you reverent, which will allow God’s Holy Light Flow, to always be shining directly upon you with one of his Holy Rays. This will keep you constantly in God’s good graces, and one of his magical recipients.

Like I said before, this piece is very powerful and will do amazing things for you. It brings with it a distinctive white light power that is used by God alone. This is a piece of privilege to have and work with!

This ring is 18k gold and sterling silver. The piece is a Barbara Bixby original that was noted as a unique engagement ring for an elite socialite. The center stone is radiant and pure --- the piece is believed to have gained the power of the seven thrones when the woman offered the ring as a blessing in the church. She was traveling to a photo shoot in Philly and asked her driver to stop at the next church they came upon, she had to relinquish guilt and remorse that she held --- although abandoned, this was the first church in over 30 miles, so he stopped. The career of this starlet has excelled and now you can own this incredible piece that will embrace the powers of the throne and ignite her reverence of prayer into you through the blessings in this exquisite ring!