Collection of Pure Magic
Collection of Pure Magic
Collection of Pure Magic

Collection of Pure Magic

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Magic is in the Air

Michai Yonner was an amazing visual artist who became interested in magic while in college back in the 80's.

His roommate was related to Ali Bongo -- and after going with to one of his shows his interest peaked!

Learning the tricks of the trait seemed to be very time consuming and discouraging for Michai. He was not able to figure out how to do many of the tricks, it seemed like there was more to it then what met the eye.

After doing an apprenticeship with Ali, he was about to give up when he finally realized why things just didn't seem to make sense.

Ali was not a man of trickery, but rather of pure magic. It wasn't conceptual change with visualizations he was doing, he literally was making things disappear!

Michai got frustrated when he realized that Ali was keeping his true magic a secret -- he portrayed amazing tricks, but didn't want people to know his real abilities.

Bongo died in 2009, and left a small steel box in his will for Michai.

When Micahi got the call to come to the reading of the will, he was intrigued to know that something was left for him. The steel box was handed to him and he immediately felt a rumbling run through his body.

He didn't open the box until he got back to his car. Inside was a collection of jewelry. Michai was bewildered by what he found. While at home he was looking at some of the pieces and liked a particular ring; he placed it on his finger and went about his day.

That night when he went to bed he got very light headed when he layed down. All of a sudden a flash of light emerged above him and his spirit was summonsed away from his body. His original thought was that he was dying --- but that was not the case!

Michai was taken to a province filled with animals, people and things. Theses were the items that Bongo made "disappear." There had been some scandalous situations as to the whereabouts of a few people who had vanished, but Ali had a surge within that directed him to people who were disconnected and unattached; so most times no one really paid attention when these people were gone.

The other people were showcased as being missing persons, most often thoughts of running away and changing their names to start a new life.

It is a wonder that this went unnoticed, but then again Bango was at his peak in the 60's, during the state of the hippies and "mind blowing" things occurred daily for the happy peace and love makers!

Anyway, the jewelry was the token prize of the people that he made vanish. Michai learned that they are all emblem pieces that will allow access into the monarchy of his regressive magic.

The spirits of these people, animals and things, reside within the proximity and they are extremely powerful! They are charged with the emergence of the true magic that Bongo mastered.

Ali kept the one ring that stood out to him, but the rest of the collection has since been passed on to Deedee. If you purchase one of Bongo's pieces of remembrance, you will be able to branch out to the grounds of his enchanted neck of the woods. The discovery of this realm enables growth of knowledge and the potential to pull the powers that were instilled within each of his "participants."

The spiritual nature in this area holds validity of extreme potential for anyone looking to advance their magical abilities. You will not get stuck in the realm, as the piece you wear will guide you back to your physical body when you desire.

These token pieces act like a partnership in a timeshare, where each holder of a token item will be able to embrace the land of intense power and gain abilities and admiration from within it.

Testers showcased attributes of gaining powers of: telepathy, telekinesis, morphing, shape-shifting, illusive mind reading, invisibility while in the physical body, astral projection, spell casting and high magic. Those summonsed held a pull that brought them to Bongo, and most were backwoods witches, shrews and occultists, who got trapped in an ideal of thinking they could escape anything!

These are amazing items!

All are charged with the same extreme abilities, you will receive one of the pieces of the collection that remain.