Drained Lives Re-Born

Drained Lives Re-Born

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Connect With Your Past

Last year, a man by the name of Anthony Ream died. When I heard about his death, I felt incredibly sad, even though I didn't know him.

After 3 months of his passing, a book came into my head—I had never written one before. The entire story leapt onto the pages, about situations I had never experienced and ideas that I personally would never have agreed with in my own life. In a way it was quite strange as I was fighting with the book. The book was making me write the story down exactly how it wanted it to be written.

Seven months later to the day of this person's death, I came across material and photographs of Anthony. Suddenly something inside of me snapped and I can't even explain the grief I felt. It was so deep; it felt as though there was a huge gaping hole in my stomach. From then on, I couldn't stop reading about Mr. Ream; I needed to find out everything I could about him, and the more I did, the more I cried.

I began to dream of him every night, often waking up with thoughts swirling around my head, but after a few seconds they were gone. From then on, for a few days just before his death date to the day he died the pain and grief I feel becomes so overwhelming. I can't even get out of bed, it's as though I feel dead myself. I cry constantly and feel that terrible ache in my stomach. I keep feeling as though there is nothing left for me on earth, and that I should be with Anthony instead.

Now that I know Anthony inside and out, I realize that my book was written about him. The protagonist was an exact replica of him. Although the protagonist was a she. She had all his characteristics, even down to the quirky things like the way he dressed. The entire book was written about what he suffered from when he was on Earth and what he died from. Except she found help, as she had a "soul mate" from a different planet, that helped her get through her problems. In the book, this soul mate was never allowed to be revealed to her and they were never allowed to meet. It was quite strange because after I wrote the book I didn't feel like publishing it. I made a half-hearted attempt, but have never wanted to get it published. Now somehow I feel that the book was just meant for me.

After months of dreams and emotional nights I used a sanctity piece that Deedee gave me to try and get some rest. The extreme energies that resided within me merged with this piece and instead brought forth a channel to showcase that I was Anthony's soul mate in my last life! I was able to see the fortress of passion and love that I left behind. My death wrecked his and he was able to re-connect with my spirit as I live today.

This was a unbelievable fact to learn, but it all made sense. After knowing my full history, living as Mildred Shuey, I was able to make peace with Anthony and move forward with my life.

The sanctity piece has my channeled energies within it and now allows anyone who uses it the opportunity to move back and re-visit their past lives. Each spirit will progress and move on into a new body several times, before finally resting in Heaven.

You can learn what you have done in the past by adorning this extraordinary piece.... the facts are true and the history will amaze you --- you will unlock and uncover some questions you may have as to why you feel a certain way about some things --- because you may have led a life that factored a feeling deep within your soul that has carried itself upon you in this new body.

Being born again and starting over seems like a task no one would want to do, but life is all about second chances and this piece allows you to see what you have been, where you had gone and what components make up who you are today!

Extremely interesting piece of dabbler magic~!

This item holds an enduring red center stone surrounded by a snake that is enrapturing it's prey. The ring equivocates the wrap of each life of your past regression being drained -- the stone will infuse your body with remembrance and realization of pure memories and ideals of each past life!