Dual Powers of the Beth El Circle

Dual Powers of the Beth El Circle

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Dual Source Magic from the Beth El Circle

This power-packed piece comes from what I thought was going to typical investigation procedure. I was on an investigation in New York when I came across this piece. There was nothing legendary or infamous about the place that I was investigating; and do the privacy of the client I was serving I cannot tell you exactly where the place is. I can tell you that it was in Staten Island.

I received a phone call from the client, who was frantic about a house they had just bought on the island. If you don’t know, property values on Staten Island are not cheap. The client was distraught because she had just purchased a home at an incredible price. At the time, the client had been moved into her new place for about a month. There had not been a day, where she had not been terrorized by some sort of paranormal happening in her home.

It is important to remember to be careful what you wish for and always remember that sometimes you can get more than what you bargain for. This poor lady was simply a victim of circumstance. She said she had experienced everything from dark shadows, to random cold spots in her home. She recalled one night getting up to use the bathroom and seeing a full on figure standing in her window. Upon investigating her situation, she discovered a full figure entity. She said she couldn’t really describe the entity other than to say it was misty and somber. It locked eyes (for lack of a better word) with the being and she felt like her heart stopped. She couldn’t breathe. When the being relinquished its hold on her , she found herself having to catch her breath. After this occurrence, she called us in.

When we showed up, we knew immediately that there was something going on the property. You know, we all have our special abilities. With that being said, any normal person could have sensed the heaviness in the air. The home was old American Colonial architecture, sitting on a few acres, surrounded by trees, which casted a stationary shadow over the whole property. The property looked well kept, but you could tell by the facade of the place that it was in dire need of some updates.

When we began our investigation, it seemed that whatever it was that existed in the house was playing some sort of cat and mouse game with us. We’d catch a lead and then out of nowhere, it would be silent. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, so there’s no way it was a flaw there. A few hours into the night, however, we were able to pinpoint a spot of intense activity using our tri-field meter with the help of Deedee’s psychic ability. It was in a doorway that lead to the client’s basement—which she had never entered.

As we meandered down the winding staircase to the basement, our tools began going crazy, as did Deedee’s psychic intuition. When we got to the bottom, we investigated the several rooms that were down there. We couldn’t find the source of all the commotion, at first. We were thoroughly puzzled until Jason found a knob protruding from the wall that lead us into a secret chamber.

When we opened the door to the chamber, there was a whirlwind of stagnant air to greet us. Our equipment surged and Deedee felt a spirit enter her body. It was difficult to order the spirits that were there to come forth, because they were resistant at first. We did manage to coax them through, though. Deedee still had control even with a spirit within her.

We pulled the spirits belonging to a past group of prominent Jews that lived in American in the country’s old days. The name of the group is the Beth El Circle. They are a group of mystics that are in charge of guarding the powers that are offered in the Kabbalah. They hold the secrets that are found in between the scripts of the Kabbalah and are the only ones that have the knowledge that has the capability of interpreting the secret codes of the Kabbalah.

There is, unfortunately a converse side to the group. The group was found in the 1700s and hold the powers as I’ve suggested above. Their magic is Lurianic Mysticism; however, this isn’t the only code to which they adhere. Some of the group got greedy and when the Lurianic magic wasn’t enough to fulfill their desires and fantasies, they began dabbling in dark magic. The result was a dual-source of both epic dark and light proportions. This is why our client was being harassed. They Jews that we found in the basement were a break off sect of the Beth-El Circle, keeping residence in the newly founded United States of America. Here their practice of this magic flourished and they started a new group.

This house was the base of the fledgling group. They owned the property and passed it down many generations, one to another. Now, in spirit-form they felt uncomfortable with our client being there and wanted her out. That was before we showed up and put the spirits of the Jews through the power of the piece that Deedee wore. With this piece you will gain the white light power that is found in the secret codes of the Kabbalah. It will also bring you powers of eternal darkness and black magic.

We have put a spiritual protection charm into this piece which has made it neutral. It cannot encompass you, but it will bring you the power of dual-source magic. You will receive the piece that Deedee was wearing-- it's power is what also kept her in control while raptured by the main spirit.

Incredible power piece of dual magic!

This ring is 10k white gold with gorgeous stones -- it was a favorite of Deedee's and she hopes you will love it as much as she did; probably more now that it holds the eminent force of dual power!