Blooming Prophecies

Blooming Prophecies

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Binah, Chochmah: Dual For Existence

There isn’t much of an explanation that goes along with this piece. It is simply a piece that I picked up at a consignment shop. At the moment I saw it, I felt it drawing me to it, with its presence. I knew there was something about this piece, but I couldn’t put my finger on it by simply taking a gander. I was compelled to purchase the piece and take it home. I immediately began working on this piece. The piece that you see below is a direct result of about three years of investigation and working with this piece. It will work as I describe. It will also work very efficiently.

After working with this piece, attempting to pull out all of the factors that were there and eliminate those which played no part, I have this to offer you: the powers known as Binah and Chochmah. BInah is word that means enlightenment or insight. According to the sefirotic system, which is the tree of life, Binah is a complement power to the power known as Chochmah. It is the dark receptacle of the Chochmah’s light and the female counterpart to a masculine principle.

Chochmah then, is the light essence of all there is to know and all there is to ever be. These powers are referred to as the Ima (mother) and Heichal (palace). Together these mystic factions give power to the lower sefirot. They are the root aspects of the Tree of Life. They allow the rest of the Tree of Life to flourish and give birth to offspring.

This piece holds both of these very religious powers. With these powers, you will obtain the mysticism of the Tree of Life. This will take you to higher levels of self-acknowledgment, where you will be able to hold holy dreams and visions delivered by the messenger angels to you by God. You will receive the powers of both the Binah and the Chockmah—the knowledge of Good and evil and the magics that go along with them. You will then act as the Ima and the Heichal, which will give birth to a holy divination and power that is the birth of the light of God. It is a very powerful piece that will grant you the abilities and agility of a God!!