Energies from the Book of Life
Energies from the Book of Life

Energies from the Book of Life

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Secrets of the Book of Life


The Book of Life is the muster-roll of God. You can think of it as the ultimate “little black book,” with has the names of all the people who have gained favor with God in one way shape or form. It is the reference material for the undead in Heaven. Making the roll call is the prize that everyone on our planet is striving for. When the day comes and it is time for your judgment God will sit on his throne with two books. On is the Book Of Life and the other is the Book of Death.

What isn’t written in the Bible is the fact that the Books (both of Life and Death) also contain other scriptural secrets that aren’t written anywhere else, except for in these books. These secrets are God’s and God’s alone, except for one other being in all of his creation, this being the angel Enoch. Enoch, in case you aren’t familiar is a holy man who was taken up to Heaven in the Kiss of God. He was transferred from his mortal state directly into the state of Heavenly existence. He was transformed into an Angel. Why? Because he was the only one who God trusted to watch guard over these two prized Books.

I became curious as the powers in these books one night after reading from the Book of Revelation. I had a deep itch to find out exactly what is going on up there with the books and how I could use this to my, or in this case your, advantage. I read from the bible, conjuring the Holy Spirit to embrace me with his presence… to send me spiritual enlightenment of the Books of Life and of Death. I never received his presence. What I receive instead was much more gratifying.

I remember conjuring the Holy Spirit, at my dining room table… all alone. It wasn’t scary because I know that God is always on my side; however, the experience was unique. The foundation of my house began to rumble. It shook like a high magnitude earthquake. Light transcended upon me like water spilling over a dam. I was filled with divine inspiration in its purest form. At the apex of the streaming, holy light a figure began to take form.

The figure’s appearance was a fierce as a lion on the prowl, with the innocence as a dove fluttering down from the Heavens. When the being spoke to me, he did so without words. I can’t really describe it other than to say it was some form of telepathy that allowed me to just know the other being and what he was conveying. He took me to upper levels of Heaven, to the chambers of the Books of Life and Death. I asked him how he managed to do so; he informed me that he was Enoch, the almighty keeper of the Books of Life and of Death of the Holy God.

While in the realm, nothing seemed to be real. I saw lots of spiritual and angelic activity which I could only comprehend thanks to the spiritual enlightenment provided to me by Saint Enoch. During our travels, Enoch graced me with the powers laid to rest in the Holy Books. He gave me the spiritual divination responsible for providing comprehension of the power. He vested the power into me and now I have vested the powers into the piece that you see below.

These pieces give you the fruit of knowledge found in the Book of Life and the Book of Death. It will give you the names of those who are found in each, and the chance to help them change their destinies. You will gain the power of the secret magic that is found in these Books that is their existence and sustainability. It will give you the magic that is both the origins of the dark and light sides. You will be able to scribe your name in either book of your choosing, rendering you the ability to assure the eternity that you desire. In this way, you will become like Enoch and when your time comes, ascend in to Heaven with the Kiss of God.

Each ring is sterling silver and houses gorgeous invoked stones ~