Revealing the Lady Behind the Door

Revealing the Lady Behind the Door

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Unmasking the Lady Behind the Door

It was night and two guys in classic car traveled down a lonely stretch of I-95 in Pennsylvania. The one in the passenger seat had a tense look about him. The driver reached down to change the radio station, they slowly pulled ahead of me.

Squinting through the darkness, and the bug-dotted windshield, of my three year old Mercury I observed a blue bumper sticker with the words in white “Hilary ‘08” on it. “Get over it; I hate those kind of people.”

Steve looked at me inquiringly, still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “You mean guys who look like they’ve just come off of the Survivor Island?”

“Huh? No. Guys who leave bumper stickers up from previous elections. Come one,Hilary didn’t even win the primary.”

“Where are we anyway?” Steve asked.

“Just out of Jersey. You think you can help me stay awake? Those two back there aren’t much of a help.” Deedee and Lindy were passed out in the back seat. When they drink more then they are used to they have the tendency to turn as red as tomatoes. That limit was two glasses of wine.

Steve mumbled something that sounded like “I should have had another drink” and then responded, “Yea sure. There’s not much to talk about though, Jason.”

“Well it’s night and Halloween is a day away. This is when paranormal activity is at its heightened peak!” Can you sense anything? That was always a good topic if two of us needed to stay awake through the night.

I did not even need to worry about a “no.” Even the most logical human being has had that one weird experience, whether it was a bad trip or one of those waking nightmares experienced during sleep paralysis... and in late October the occurrences become more intense; and for our group they are sometimes dangerous.

Steve said he felt a chill up his spine, not just any chill, but the same kind he used to experience after a dream he had as a child.

“I was about eleven and remember lying in bed listening to a shouting match in the living room. My bed room was on the second floor, so I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying except for the occasional cuss words.

“Then I dunno, time passed and I fell asleep. The hall lights were out and the screaming stopped. The doorway to my room was half open. Next thing I know I couldn’t move, not even blink. Even though I was unable to move, I could see things moving on the walls. It was creepy.”

“Don’t stop there Steve... what kind of things?” I said.

“Shadows... dark, evasive shadows. They had hair, they were flat to the wall except for the hair. It was like the hair was three dimensional and the rest of them was two dimensional. They had different color hair too. I mean black and brown, normal people colors, but some of them weren’t people shapes. They did have people hair though, they all did.

“I could hear them say, ‘Carry on my waywar—” I could hear whispering and feel tingling on my toes. It felt like when a dog licks your toes. That’s when I saw it, the big it, or her, I really don’t know. All I know is that thing was boss and all the rest of them were bitches, ‘cause they all scattered off to the corners. She had really red hair, Christmas present red, and curly too. Its thin shadow was stretching out from behind my bedroom door.

“I didn’t hear her voice, I felt it. Not like telepathy, like felt it reverberate in my skull. Almost as if it were that loud nagging voice in your head when you’ve done something real bad. She said, the voice in me said, ‘‘Dear soul, you have grown so much. Why you’re so pink and cute, how’d like to come home with me? I could just dress you up and keep you with me. Look at those crinkles on your forehead you look just like a juicy jelly donut. The powdery dough is always the best part of a fresh baked donut.’

“I didn’t see a hand, but it felt like she pinched my cheek. Then the licking would not stop!” Steve pounded the “would”, “not”, and “stop” out on the passenger side of the dash board.

If I had not been focusing on the road ahead of me Steve would of seen the wide eyed bewildered look in my eyes. It was not over the dream, I have had weirder. The bewilderment extended from the clearly unresolved issue that were clearly bubbling beneath Steve's surface.

“It was just a dream, Steve. I’m sorry I asked. Relax, I‘ll drive the rest of the night. One of the girls can take over in the morning.”

The night after our chat in the car we spent the night in a motel in northern Tennessee. In the morning we found Gabe feet up in a garbage bin behind the Waffle House next door.

At first I thought Steve was delusional and tired, so I stopped the car and got a room at a motel in northern Tennessee.

I woke up Deedee and Lindy so they could go into the room to rest, but once Deedee was alert she said "something is wrong with Steve!" She could feel the bad energy that lurked around him and had a flash vision.

In a panic she asked me what happened? I told her about the story Steve told me on the way... she said she knew exactly who the lady behind the door was.

The bright red haired shadow was a demon who has been following Steve for years ---we needed to help him.

The first basic rule of any type of warfare, whether it be spiritual warfare or natural warfare, is to know your enemy. And knowing the basic function names of the demons who are out there will give you a good head start, as their function names will tell you how they are “playing” that person, along with providing you with clues as to what their options may be.

This was a pride demon. Pride will come before the fall. Satan himself is a perfect example of someone who fell from grace and favor with the Lord as a result of too much pride being built up in his personality over a certain period of time.

Once too much pride starts to build up over time in your personality, you will then start to lose your ability to see what the real truth is in many of the important matters in your life. The only truth you will now see is what you think the truth is, even if that truth goes against God himself.

You will then start to become a little god yourself, thinking that all of the world revolves around you and your own set agendas. You will then become very selfish and narcissistic and will refuse to listen to any kind of correction or counsel the Lord will try and bring your way.

I always thought that Steve's comments about his greatness were just him implementing a joke, but now realized that the force of the demon made his mind turn to a jeopardy board of token relics about how wonderful he is.

Demons know how powerful and destructive of a thing pride can be in helping to bring a person down, so they will do everything they can behind the scenes to try and build up a person’s ego through false flattery and vain imaginations.

Deedee never was able to feel the force of this demon in all the time we have known Steve because it buried itself within his soul. The time around Halloween tends to pull demons to the surface, they want to cause chaos through the human body they are within.

Luckily we were able to be with Steve and recognize the force that has burdened him for years.

Lindy was given the piece you see below while she was on a trip in Israel; it was a token of blessing from the leader of a shrine.

Deedee knew this piece was enlightened and asked Lindy to use it. After 3 hours of emergent pulling and relinquishing of divine blessings, Steve was free from the demon.

The piece worked so well that Lindy was amazed by the installment of bestowed benefits that it offered.

The item is your access point to receiving blessings by the doctrine of God. Lindy is a giving person and felt that by offering this for sale to help someone else, will extract a blessing upon her; she is an amazing woman!

The salvation of blessings in this piece resides from the grace of God and is set apart from any human merit --- it brings the potential to enlighten your life with an increased capacity of conceptual absolution brought to you in this item through the Holy Spirit.

A feat of power to take out evil entities that you have picked up over time, with or without even knowing!

The "lady behind the door" was submerged into a dark piece that is stored in a locked box in New Jersey --- if you are a follower of extreme dark magic and are interested in her --- let us know; it is a buyer beware item, but some of you like them!

Steve has since shown a new light of happiness that resides from being able to live and think freely without having the constant pride demon manipulating his outlook on life ~

This ring is 14k and sterling silver, it houses an array of neutral colored gemstones --- the power of divinity merges instantly with you!