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Reflective Soul

There are a ton of speculations around reflections and their ability to do this or to do that. I can admit that I too have held my superstitions in the past. You know, breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck—those types of things. It is the mirror that is supposed to bring you the spirit of Bloody Mary. There was even a blockbuster hit involving the use of a mirror and the name “Candyman.” If you were lucky, he wouldn’t maul you to death. Either way you look at it, there’s just something about mirrors.

The piece we are offering is no exception. This reflective pendant is a piece that I actually picked up at an auction in New Jersey. I frequent the place because it always proves fruitful in finding interesting little trinkets, some of which are haunted, some of which are not. However, it is a very good place to go to find spirits that have been attached to items for one reason or another. There really is no definite answer as to why some of these spirits don’t pass on… they just don’t.

At first this is what I thought was happening with the piece that you see below. I began having dreams about this one particular lady. They were vivid dreams, too. They weren’t superficial. At first, I saw the lady as a young girl. As each night went on, I was able to watch the girl grow up. Not in real time, of course, but I kind of felt like I knew the lady. After a while, the lady died of old age, I attended her funeral, and the dreams relented. I was kind of disappointed. I felt like I had lost an old friend.

Then, one day when I was sitting out back of my house in Mullica Hill. I happened to be looking at the facets of this pendant that I told you about before. I had had this piece for about two weeks at this point in time. I didn’t think there was anything special about it. I just happened to really like the way the light reflected off it it… that’s all. Well, I sat down with the piece because I had some extra free time and I wanted to inspect it. Arnold Palmer in hand, I began to inspect the necklace. It’s a wonder I didn’t pee my pants, because right there in the reflection was the lady I had seen in my dreams. It was the exact person… spitting image.

She came to me that day, and spoke with me, explaining to me what had happened. You see, the pendant that I bought holds a power that is known as reflective soul. The piece itself had been previously owned by a spirit diviner name Christa Lee. Christa Lee had owned the piece and held the powers of it until she passed away.

Now there’s two things that this piece is going to do for you. In case you haven’t gathered, Christa Lee was the spirit of the woman I saw, who used to be the owner. Now, her spirit is infused in the pendant and she comes to help the host of the powers in the reflections. She gives them the secrets of white light power, which will give the host the advantages associated with white witchcraft. You will gain dominion over crafts, spells, potions, elixirs of life, charming, etc. You know, all that good stuff that goes along with being a white witch.

Now comes the juicy part. This pendant has since been activated. It gives the host of the power an opportunity of a life time. Using an all original, Christa Lee, power known as collective soul, you will be able to use this amazing piece as a doorway into the spirit world. When you look into it, you will able to see if there are any traveling spirits around you. You will gain the ability to communicate with these spirits and gain and knowledge and ability that they have. You will also be able to use this piece also as a scrying piece, which will summon the spirits of fortune and destiny and give you the ability to tell the past, read the present and predict the future.

This piece is very powerful. Christa Lee was a very powerful witch and spirit diviner and her spirit will live on forever. It’s up to someone else to put it to good use. You will receive the piece that you see here.