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Shine's Discovery of a Parallel World

At the time of Christ, a parallel world came into existence that knew nothing of Christ. And consequently the forces which shattered Roman civilization never came into existence in that parallel world.

Instead, Greek science and mathematics continued to enrich Roman engineering, government, and theories of civil policy. Roman civilization continued to develop. The wonderful female mathematical genius Hypathia was able to complete her career. She was stoned to death by Christians in our world, yet in the parallel world she lived to an old age and was able to elaborate the calculus some thousand years before Newton.

This meant that by the sixth century or so this Greco-Roman world had ship building and navigational techniques that were possessed in our world only by Elizabethan times.

Roman navigators inspired by the perfection of their science set sail to explore the world, and in that parallel continuum they discovered the Maya just as they were reaching their classic climax in the jungles of Central America.

Shine was able to manifest back into the times of the Roman civilization; this gave an opportunity to show up nine hundred years after the bifurcation into two time streams, a Greco-Roman-Mayan civilization came into being in the parallel continuum. The great influence on the Greco-Roman psychology from this cultural adventure was the sophisticated use of psychedelic drugs for the purposes of religion and self-exploration.

The reason Shine was interested in pursuing this endeavor was because he was shown powers from the other side. He actually saw a Roman imperial administrator and his retinue arriving at Tikal for the coronation of Three-Flint-Knife in the ninth century; a great confluence of imperial majesty as the greatest king of the Mayan cultural climax received his European counterpart, and documents, codices, mathematicians, instruments of navigation, and pharmacy were traded.

Well to make a long story short, the parallel world continued to develop, and with its sophisticated psychology they soon became aware by studying the dreams of psychotics in their world, they slowly became aware I should say, of our existence.

They figured out what we do not know, which is there was a world bifurcation and that there is a parallel time stream with a different situation evolving in it. They further, by extension of their more advanced understanding of atomic and particle physics, came by around the year 1900 in our continuum to the hypothesis that major releases of hard radiation would penetrate across the energy barrier of the two time streams.

They conducted an experiment to test this hypothesis. They decided to set off a small atomic device in their continuum, and to monitor the dreams of sensitive people in our continuum to see if there was evidence of an awareness of this explosion.

Shine was witness to this testing. He was witness to seeing a person sleeping and being able to visually see what they were dreaming about!

Shine showcased that on his travel, in the realm, that he noticed that it was 1906 on a small calendar that was in the "lab" of one of the main experimenters. The experiment was actually carried out by our time reckoning; noting a 24 hour day cycle.

This extreme measure of connection is what we call the Tunguska blast that occurred in Siberia. After the blast in the parallel continuum those who had conducted the test were able to monitor the dreams of Siberian Shamans and they saw hundreds of square miles of trees smashed flat by a mighty explosion.

They then realized that their theoretical assumption that explosions in one continuum would affect life in the other were in fact true. Then they became quite alarmed because as they continued to monitor the dreams of human beings in the parallel continuum, they came to slowly understand that primitive though we may be in our world we were coming to a grasp of atomic chemistry and thermonuclear fission and fusion.

Shine was amazed with the intellect and aspect of the parallel world in which he was able to visit; he located the piece you see below while in the other world --- it became his token piece to allow access whenever he desired.

Each time that he would call upon the piece and be transferred to the other world, he said that the year would be different and that there were times he was in the past, and other times he was in the future.

The extreme knowledge and exploration of rituals that can be learned while using this piece are amazing! Shine was able to witness the dreams of Aleister Crowley one time while in the parallel world; this gave insight to the correspondence of his brain and what triggered the strength for his abilities to work.

Shine has found that over the past few years he has been so busy that he doesn't get a chance to use the piece and he feels that someone with interest should be the carrier of the power item because we need awareness of what is yet to come, and why things occurred the way they did in the past.

This is a piece of extreme power and ability ... any substance you learn while in the parallel world will be digested into this physical world within you when you return.

Do not miss out on this extraordinary piece that allows quantum jumping into the parallel world that originated before Christ ~ you will be amazed with the experiences you will encounter and the powers that you will learn and gain!