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Soar with the Spirit

Recently a good friend of mine passed away. I attended the viewing and funeral service and was glad to hear stories about his life and how he touched the lives of so many people.

Death is hard, but we all know the spirit lives on; we live in time and die in time. While we inhabit our bodies, time is a useful measurement. Yet it has only as much value as we give it. Webster’s defines time as “an interval separating two points on a continuum.” Birth appears to be the beginning and death the ending but they are not; they are just points on a continuum.

A few days before my friend, Wayne, died, he was in the hospital. There he would receive one visitor after another. In the evening, friends and family would pull up chairs surrounding his bed. In illness as in health he was a center of attention.

The circle remained right up to his death. After he died we spent time with him, but suddenly realized his body was no longer given any attention. His body was no longer the center of attention. We were still talking, crying and laughing, but our body language and our focus was now on his spirit and not his body.

If you have been with a loved one who has died, you quickly see that their spirit has left their bodies. That spirit that is beyond description that made our loved ones who they are is now gone from its earthly body. The spark of life has left. Before us lies the body, like a suit of clothes that they were wearing their whole life. We love it, we are familiar with the look of it and yet we know that who they were is so much more. And that “so much more” their spirit, no longer dwells in their body.

None of us know what will happen after death, but I believe, if you look deep inside, deep in your soul, you will know you have always existed and always will.

The spirit is eternal. If you think back, you’ll remember that you never felt as if you didn’t exist before you were born into this life. Rather, you felt as if you have always existed and always will. That’s why this death will not be an end¬ing. You may not have life as you know it once you die, but you will continue.

If you have lost a loved one, he/she still continues. The dying still exist. Now when someone I know is dying, I don’t say goodbye anymore, I just say, until we meet again.

Deedee saw that I was struggling with the emotional aspect of losing someone so close to me. She told me about Shanin, a spirit solicitor who prophesies connections with those who have passed.

I was put into contact with her and she invoked a piece that allowed me to bond with the loved ones I have lost; this was a guarantee that they were okay and in peace. It was amazing!

While adorning this piece my body was taken over by a warm, peaceful serenity that released all tension from my body. I then was lifted up and able to escape my "suit" --- my spirit was able to maneuver astrally allowing me access to the other side!

I was completely thrilled with the piece and the ability it gave me. I use my piece often as a token to express my feelings and thoughts more openly to those who I miss seeing on this Earth.

If Heaven wasn't so far away we would all visit our deceased friends and family! I loved my piece so much that Deedee thought it would be great to allow our customers to be able to experience the same powerful encounters.

We just got these in from Shanin last week --- and I have a feeling they will sell fast ~ no more need to grieve.... as you can visit the souls of those you are missing!

A divine intervention emanates within these items; do not miss out!