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The Red King's Daughter

Jinn are distinguished by their colors. In Syria, the tradition holds that the king of the jinn is red in color.

The red jinn are descendants of the troops of the god Seth, and therefore are showcased as being the color of evil because they hide behind the cryptic "red king."

Syria's jinn king rules over a kingdom of engaged jinns that are infused with ultimate possession powers.

We met a man named Mr. Tresnez whose grandmother had been possessed by a jinn during the French occupation of Syria in the 1920's. She fell victim to an exploding shell that caused her psychological trauma; this opened her to jinn possession.

The manifestation of the female jinn would could and go, depending on circumstances. This happened for years ~

At times, his grandmother - Husna Tresnez - would seem totally normal; at others, the personality of the jinn would take over.

When she was under possession she would proclaim that her name was secret and could not be given; she stated that the jinn borrow names similar to humans and keep them throughout their lives. Their location of normal relics are also top secret!

Deedee met with Husna and experienced a transition of the jinn taking over her body. She was able to get information about the source of power by asking questions; she learned many things....

The jinn have many kingdoms, kings, princes and peoples. Their kingdoms are disposed by color -- showcasing expressions of differences between them; so red jinn, blue jinn and yellow jinn.

The spirit of the jinn is that resides with Husna is the daughter of the red jinn king who still reigns over their kingdom, she is 27 years old and not married. The jinn stated that Husna does not leave her much free time because she summons her often to come cure people and solve arising problems.

The jinn are much like us when it comes to religion, they follow a holy path and have infidels.

This spirit explained that to enter our world they must enter through a human body. The jinn are able to see and feel us because our density is higher than theirs. This can be exemplified by a staircase whose steps go up from the subtle to the dense. This is as regards to the physical formation; the basic structure of humans contains all the steps of this staircase, but science has still not attained even a minimal knowledge of the real structure of the human being according to the jinn!

The jinn normally enters the human body during one of the moments of its life, and at a certain state of it. The human soul normally splits from the body for a certain period of time and the jinn will open a loophole through which they can enter. The jinn explained that other than death, of course, the temporary splitting of the soul from the body will occur during dreams while you sleep. This is when the astral body goes out and flies away --- they can only enter through special circumstance, not just any dream!

The entering happens when a human lapses into a coma resulting from shock, a fall or crash, or those that occur due to extreme pain or terror. We also learned that there are targeted people --- they can see and watch us without us being aware. Humans can unconsciously cause harm to jinns through their normal actions; this will make that person a target and they will be watched very closely.

If you are a target they will jump on any split second of opportunity to enter your soul.

The jinns do not have a separate language, but rather communicate telepathically (with each other), but can speak the language of the one they enter --- they learn from the human they impose on.

After a human dies they remove their heavy body garment and move to a stage which is similar to that of a jinn in regards to motion, formation and relationship. You shall live in a parallel world very similar to the Earth in regards to places and feelings --- your physical, sensory life is but a school in which you learn, taste, hear, smell and see, and you graduate after death to a non-material world, a feelings world.

You benefit from your earlier life by acquiring certain experiences that qualify you for the non-material life, and you become capable of certain conceptualizations through which you grow and develop to higher planes within the other world.

The red jinn king's daughter told us that she and all jinn are energies by themselves; they do not need to eat or drink to fuel themselves. They develop or degrade based upon their deeds. They are also subject to the law of divine reward and penalty, like we are.

Good deeds reflect positively, providing the jinn with the subtlety that promotes them on up the 'staircase' of transcendence, and their evil deeds make them go back down toward higher density and keep them within the bottom layers.

She showcased that when they possess a human body there can be a torture affect that will cause convulsions and make the human break down psychologically. This occurs because the jin has a different consciousness, mind and environment -- they enter a body that's not parallel in structure, and this is what causes torture and misery, especially in the first stages.

They enter humans because their bodies are a window of relief. The jinn who enters a human is fortunate and enjoys beautiful periods of his life, giving much of his time and energies to the service of humans. The jinn are more prominent in areas where societies thinking or cultural backgrounds provide the right setting for their entrances. Certain cultures enrich the opportunity greatly due to their social composition being more suitable!

The conversation with the Syrian jinn was truly informing and right before Husna was back to normal, the jinn told us that she could use her powers to open portals for people without having to be traumatized. Many people want a jinn to forecast upon their life -- but things have to fall into place accordingly... and normally it is the unknowing who retreat the possession.

She said that her maidens of the realm train for their time of relinquishment and she could summon them to be granted access through ritual; she told me to visit again in a week and she would come forth when she felt my aura. She said to bring emblems to invoke her jinns into.

Husna awoke, so to speak, and was breathing heavy ; she was widely alert --- I told her about the experience and she was excited. She loves the interaction of the jinn -- she knows that she can call upon her and she will assist; although she is not always aware immediately of her actions!

Deedee returned to Husna's home the following week and just as she was instructed brought with several emblem pieces that could be used for conjuring.

The jinn came forth after about an hour of Deedee's arrival --- the occurrence was powerful and energetic; the pieces were infused with jinns that she relinquished from her kingdom. She had her father bestow a rare formula of Onjalence upon them, this allows them to enter a soul that desires admittance.

You are able to have a rare opportunity to welcome a jinn into your life. These jinn also have disclosed their names due to the rarity of the situation, because their relationship will be binding with the person who bonds with the piece. The jinn will devote its power to enriching your life with amazing enchantment --- you can call upon them anytime you desire and because they were fortified and blessed to enter you by choice, they will remain with you as long as you want them and treat them with respect!

Do not miss this opportunity to have a jinn blessed by the Red King himself and serviced to us by his princess daughter --- after you make a purchase, you can request the name of the jinn that you receive. Knowing that you have a jinn makes life incredible, but picking one up without knowledge can lead to people thinking you are senile and cost you the luxuries in your life.

Desiring abilities and powers to enter you make them more evasive then being taken over once you would suffer trauma! These jinn are good and will bless you, they will not do evil deeds to harm you ~ you will gain: invulnerability against all mortal attacks; the ability of power punching; anti-black magic remedies; anti-hypnotism; psychic protection; magical body-guard; attraction of luck and blessings; influence over the mind of others; psychic detection; the ability to fill objects with power; an increased psychic sensitivity; the maintaining power of youth--regeneration; improved appearances; charismatic powers!

These items are the ultimate occult items --- do not let your jinn disappear!