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Lincoln Tunnel Vortex: More Than What They Bargained For

Before I even go into detail on this one, I want you all to do me a favor. I want you to type "Lincoln Tunnel VOrtex" into your search bar. Now, see what results come up. I bet you that there are very, very few valid results. With that beings said, some of the results are merely reiterations of previous results and so on and so forth. It gets kinds irritating sifting through all of the information. This is precisely why I decided to visit the Lincoln Tunnel mysels. I mean, it's not like I haven't been through it before, but I never really thought of it as being any type of a big deal. Boy, was I mislead.

If you found any information about the Lincoln Tunnel Vortex, you will know that tunnel was the site of a very mysterious incident that has been rumored by many on the interent. Apparently, at an unknown time in history, a couple driving from New Jersey to Manhattan dared to stop their vehicle in the Lincoln Tunnel for the purpose of removing snow from their windshield.

Although, this was probably a dumb move either way you look at it, the couple vanished into thin air. They didn't die from carbon monoxide inhalation. They didn't get ran over by a car. According to reports, the couple merely vanished into thin air. The car was found in the tunnel. As for the couple? They were identified, but never seen from nor heard from ever again. The government went hard to work attempting to cover up the incident. Rumors began to swirl, saying that there was something evil going on in the tunnel and that a vortex was placed there, that allowed government officials access to another realm, or perhaps space.

While this is a very intriguing story and I am not at all quick to deny the government's hand in sketchy agendas, this simply wasn't the case. I"ve been through the Lincoln Tunnel and I can tell you that there is a lot of ominous energy down there, but it wasn't created by the government. It is created simply by the mind, because of the hysteria of being trapped in a tunnnel that is a half a mile long to get to the other side. That is not to say that there isn't a vortex and that there wasn't one time an entity in the tunnel. I can guarantee that it is not government conspiracy-- it is something much more exciting. Last time I was in New Jersey I made it a point to drive through the tunnel. I opened up all of my psychic abilities and made sure to tune into anything that I sensed or that seemed abnormal or out of the ordinary. The day was perfect, as traffic was in a jam and backed up. Once in the tunnel, I had ample time to see if there was anything to discover; and indeed there was.

As I neared the midway point to the cave, I began seeing flashing visions. At first they weren't too clear, but sometimes they take a while to come to me. Shapes began to take form and eventually turn into two human beings that were all alone. I felt uneasy and tense, but since I wasn't allowed to get out of my car, there wasn't too much that I could do. That's when traffic came to a complete halt. Right where I sat, I saw everything that happened on the night. The two weren't getting out of the car to clear snow... not even a chance of it! They were getting out of their car to open a portal. They had been dabbling in black magic and desired to be turned from their incarnate forms and transformed into the body of an immortal. Needless to say, their plan went terribly wrong, they were sucked from this realm into a different one. Accordingly, they have never been heard from again.

I was able to gather and channel the energy that was in the tunnel into an orb. It wasn't all too great at first, until I went home a put an amplification spell on it. I was able to use the ord to to reach into the realm of the underworld and pull out an additional piece, which is the one that I am offering you. This piece is known as the Dark Crystal and contains droplets of Vampire Blood from Hell.

I was excited at the prospect of a new endeavor, so I began working with the new piece immediately. As the piece bonded with my inner core existence, my body was fully possessed by a powerful vampire from the level of Hell known as Tartaro. This is the place where fallen angels have been incarcerated and await judgement and reassignment by the Kings and Princes of Hell. The spirit that came in the piece that I pulled through was one such angel. He has fallen and has been reassigned to being a vampire to torment humans and bring them to the underworld.

As he inhabited my body, I saw all the things that he had ever done, including his brief time in Heaven, where his greed got the better of him and he was cast in the lake of fire. I watched as he suffered and tormented in Hell as he was being punished for all that he had done wrong. His ways were changed and he was transformed into the entity that he is today. He is an original vampire form, crafted by the most powerful black magic in the underworld. His tranformation took many centuries to complete, but he is now fresh and ready to go.

This entity is very powerful and has the ability to merge with your own core existence and transform your being, giving you free range characteristics of a vampire. With these powers you will become an expert at dark arts and magic. You be able to levitate, read and control minds, control the elements and everything else that goes along with being a powerful entity from Hell. This is a very dark piece, but does not have the ability to take over your entire being. You remain solely in charge. This is how I managed to leave my state of possession. Now, I'm offering this power to you. Take it or leave it, but if you leave it you'll regret it!!