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Powers from Vril; and the Nazis

We are not alone. Yes, there is a truth. No, it is not “out there.” Rather, it is closer to home than most people think. Often, people stare into the sky, waiting for some ball of fire to fall from the heavens, or a spaceship to crash in their back yard. While the odds of that actually happening are pretty much slim to none, maybe it's time for people to look a little bit closer to home. If they did, they'd realize that there are more answers to be found close to home than in the distance.

In 1871 Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote a novel entitled “The Coming Race”. Later on, this same novel would be published under the title “Vril: The Power of the Coming Race”. Now, supposedly this was an early sample of the genre known as Science-Fiction. However, there is more truth to this story than most people believe. There is such an amount of truth that it caught global attention and started a world-wide conspiracy theory. The fact is, the powerful race does exist, and Lytton hides the truths behind a book that he calls Science-Fiction.

The next encounter that the world had with the Vril race came decades later, when the Nazi party accidentally discovered them. The party, under the orders of Adolph Hitler, who was there in the flesh, found an entrance portal that lead to the caverns and cities of the race that lives in the inner Earth.

It is not normal for the human conscious to be able to detect and comprehend portals such as these. One of the factors that played a rule in their astonishing ability to, not only locate, but pass through the portal is the fact that Adolf Hitler is a very magical and alchemical man. When it comes to magic, Hitler knows his stuff. The other factor that came into play is the fact that the King of the World is about to return to claim his domination over the world.

When they found the entrance, which is located somewhere deep within the mountain region of the Black Forest, three of them were allowed to enter. When they came back they had accounts of grandiose cities that are unmatched by anything they had ever encountered in the human realm. They gave accounts of magical beings that portrayed the likeness of humans, but who were far more magical and could do “things” with their mind.

These beings granted the Nazi party gifts that, unfortunately, caused the demise of many. It also gave them the ability to stage a pretty successful attempt at world domination. That's what happens when good power falls into the hands of an evil genius. The Nazi party has had this power with them for a very long time, passing it down from generation to generation, through the bloodline of the original three that entered into the lands of the Vril Race.

Here's the thing. The Vril Race are descendants of the original constituents of Atlantis. Some of the constituents still exist in the realm of Atlantis. Some of the Atlantians were scattered to a realm that exists underneath the crust of the Earth. They have built an empire as vast as the all the cities in the world, twice as rich, and twice fortified. The Vril dwell there peacefully, because there is no need for violence when your as spiritually elevated as they are.

The piece the you see below comes from the bloodline of the original troops that encountered the portal to the realm of the Vril. This piece has powers that will elevate your mind to be in the same state as the Vril constituents. With a higher consciousness, you will gain telepathic and psychic abilities. You will gain spiritualism that will give you the secrets to a mystical white light powers. The powers are graceful and very, very potent.

With the ring that you see here, you will hold all the powers of the Vril. You will gain the powers of success and wealth and the powers described above. You will gain spiritual enlightenment that will allow you to control all elements of nature, as these beings are direct descendants of the Atlantians, who were very in tune with nature and their surroundings.