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Cannibalism Cover Up: the Spirits of Many

Beware. This story Is not for the weak of stomach or for those of you who can't stomach gruesome details. If you can overcome these details, keep reading on, because in the end, this is your chance to receive some of the most powerful abilities known to mankind. They are powers that stem back to the 1700s, and even as recent as the 1860s.

In medieval Europe, the practice of medical cannibalism prevailed. It was most common among royalty, and the practice mimicked a practice that was developed by the Egyptians millenia before the European elite decided to adopt it as their own.

This practice was most prevalent in Britian, where many of the upper crust members of society would used human brains, flesh, bones, and blood to cure themselves of a wide variety of diseases. In fact, there was a whole ritual that went along with the cannibalism.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this is unethical or morally wrong... but you have to understand that, at this point, it was the cultural norm for people to partake in a fellow humans body in order to ward of sickness and disease. Some were even given powdered human remains on their death bed as a last hope of revival. Of course, it didn't work, but back then they didn't know any better-- it was their form of penicillin. The idea was founded on scientific reasoning and practices.

The elite that took part in this grotesque practice included such huge names as Charles II who developed his own corpse recipe; Charles I, w ho was made into corpse medicine; Francis I; Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary.

The practice continued to flourish into the Victorian era of Britain, although the last case of cannibalistic medicine was found in Germany in 1865. Had this practice of cannibalistic medical treatment began and ended as strictly for medical purposes, this story would just be crazy and bizarre, with nothing else to offer. However, this is not the case.

This practice was used for something much more dark and mysterious than what European royalty claimed it was. They won't tell you what else it was used for, because the results of their practices gave them too much power that they did not want to share. As as result, a masonic society was instilled by British Royalty under the rule of Queen Mary to conceal the fact that under her rule the practice of medicinal cannibalism evolved into something else entirely.

Under Queen Mary's rule, a practice known as Ritual Cannibalism was instilled. What this means is simply that the royalty, who were on a crazy power trip, found a way to infuse themselves with the powers others possessed. They did this by partaking in the body parts of others-- their flesh, skin, blood, brains and other body matter of people that possessed great powers. They murdered thousands of witches, warlocks, sorcerers, alchemists, diviners, gypsies, wizards, and other very magical, very powerful people.

In fact, in Britain, this practice still goes on today. There is even speculation that the beloved royal family partakes in this practice, although no footage has ever been able to claim this to be wholly true. However, the pieces that I have below are living proof that the royal family still presides over the secret society inaugurated by Queen Mary centuries ago.

The pieces that you see below are all original pieces from the past royal bloodline. They all hold the powers and abilities that are given to a person during Ritualistic Cannibalism. You will receive all the powers and abilities of all the souls your piece has collected along the way, which will be hundreds, if not thousands. They will guide you on your spiritual journey towards magical perfection. They will give you powers that are dual in light, because of the fact that there are so many souls associated in one pieces.

As for the powers, they are customized to you. These spirits are all very powerfully magic entities. They will mold themselves to your core being and customize a magic that is exclusive to you. There are no limitations on the amount of power you can hold with this piece, simply because there are so many spirits involved. Each on will work in his or her own way to better you. As time progresses you will become more and more powerful, like a snowball rolling down the side of a mountain. You will receive many great abilities... it's just up to you which ones you want to perfect.

These rings house the spirits of many. Again, they are from the royal bloodline and received them from a source that I have in Britain who isn't going to be named for obvious reasons. You will receive one of these pieces when you decide to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity!!