Powers from the Jade Emperor and Taishan

Powers from the Jade Emperor and Taishan

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Extreme Power from Taishan, the Holy Mountain

Close to the place that the ancient wise man Confucius calls home, there is a mountain called Taishan. This mountain could legitimately be called the equivalent to the Greek Mount Olympus. The magic and mystique found within the mountain has been recorded since the days of ancient civilization. The mountain soars nearly 5000 feet into the air from the center of a large massif. The mountain rests in its majestic state with streams converging from all direction at its base, releasing magic and mysticism.

Taishan is located in the Yellow River Valley. The Yellow River is said to be the remnants of one of the ancient four dragons that saved the Chinese ancients and this is only part of the foreshadowing of the magic that this mount has to offer. This mountain is also the third highest of the Five Holy Mountains and although it isn't the highest, it is considered the greatest sanctuary in China. It is also the center of Taoist belief.

Many magicians lived here, they devoted themselves to the discovery and utilization of the magic of the immortals and eternal life. Many Chinese emperors have pilgrimaged to this mountain to obtain the magic and wisdom that was necessary to pilot a fledgling group of people into the mighty nation that China has become today. The total number of emperors, to date, is 72. The brought offerings for the immortals of Heaven and splendor of the Earth.

The most astounding presence at this site are the many magical temples that have been constructed over they years to glorify the deities and the ancients. There are a total of 6,293 steps that lead from the lowest temple on the summit, the Temple of the Mountain God, to the highest. Highest elevated temple is the Temple of the Jade Emperor. In order to travel the distance between the two one must step through the southern Heaven Gate.

The ultimate motive for climbing Taishan is to reach the Temple of the Jade Emperor, Yu Huang. He is the most high of the Chinese deities and to receive his blessing is the highest honor that one could ever possibly receive. He is the Lord of the present, and will give you the divination that is necessary to to receive the secrets to ancient Taoist magic and alchemy.

With this being said, there are many stops along the way, including smaller temples of lesser Gods, wells for rejuvenation, cypress groves for relaxation and obtain spiritual solace and cleansing, waterfalls and lakes. These are all meant for prayer and reflection so that way you can achieve the highest possible divination and acquisition of power from the Jade Emperor when you arrive.

I visited this place once, but definitely wasn't making it up the 6,293 step staircase in my physical condition. That's okay, though, because, while I would've loved to be able to say I actually made the journey, I didn't really have to. I was given the ability from the Jade Emperor himself. He came to me in a Grove of Cypress trees that were nestled onto the side of Taishan. I stopped to take a break from my hiking. I leaned over to take a drink from a spring that was babbling across the grove. As soon as I did, I fell into a deep sleep.

During my slumber I was taken up the side of the mountain in a jade chariot. The path looked the same as it did before, except I could actually see better than what I had before, as if I had super-human sight ability. I know it sounds weird, but that's how it really looked... as if my entire surroundings was being broadcast on a high resolution, high definition television. When we reached the top, silvery clouds set in, encompassing the entire mountain. Visibility reduced to about zero. I was having trouble seeing even a foot in front of me. Then there was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder. Suddenly everything was clear and standing before me was a spiritual temple guard who was a dominion of the Jade Emperor.

The temple guard led me down a path and into the Jade Emperor Temple. The temple itself was not anything like the one that exists in reality. It was a majestic sight to see and gleamed in the glint of the sun. It made of pure gold and encrusted with jade and diamonds. I could feel the power of the Gods' presence emanating from it. On the inside the Jade Emperor sat upon a golden throne that rivaled the sight of the Temple itself. On his head he wore a samurai helmet crafted from the finest Jade. In his hand he held a scepter crafted from Cypress wood, with a glass bulb on the top.

He beckoned me forward and motioned to the floor with the scepter he held in his hand. The ground shook and skies opened up in the temple. Above, I saw all the spirits that have even practiced their magic on the mountain, Taishan. They gave offerings to the Jade Emperor and sang praises. One of the spirits descended from above, offering this piece to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor was glad with his offering, but having no need for it, he passed it on to me.

What he has given me is an item that holds all the magic of the Holy Mountain, Taishan. It holds all the magic and alchemy of all the past mystics that have made this mountain their home, both mortally and eternally. The piece will give you the same ascension that it has given me, allowing you climb the spiritual Taishan, to reach the most magical chambers of Jade Emperor, where you will encounter the mystique and knowledge the emperor has to offer you.

You will be filled with the rejuvenation of the Yellow River Valley, gifted to the people by the Yellow Dragon, who has saved and preserved the Five Holy Mountains. After several testing periods, during which we submerged ourselves into deep sleep in order to receive the gift that is being offered, we found out that the inscriptions on the pin are holy incantations that draw the presence of the ancients, who give you a boost of spirituality that is strong enough to spiritually ready you for your trip to the Temple. The face represents your elder, who is going to be sent directly to you to assure that you achieve all that you wish to achieve. He will also watch over you... he is the equivalent of your own personal whitelighter.

This piece is very powerful and I was very grateful that I was chosen to receive it. It is time for me to pass it on, though. This is why I am offering it to the first lucky taker!! Don't delay.