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21 grams

There are many numbers and measurements that are important in our everyday life. The most important number that utilizes power in your life is 21.

21 grams is the exact weight of the soul after the body dies. You will be reveled into your afterlife at the exact smae weight as everyone else.

No more need for worrying about your weight and being too heavy, or too skinny. We all will be uniform in that respect.

This invocation of knowledge was used to prosper lives with majestic utilization. The weight of the soul after the body dies correlates with the projection of success you will have on Earth. The measurement on the soul in the body can be offset by negativity and forces of evil that transfer and flow in the Universe.

This item is a rare balancing pendant that will correspond the origination of the extrasensory perception and divination arts that place phenomena into crystals. This piece holds a superb gemstone that will establish a network of anomalous phenomena that will target your soul and convert the grams of your inside to purify you here the way you will be after you die It invokes the souls of your sacred guardian angels to show you they path of the straight and narrow. They fill your soul with righteousness and render it perfect for presentation on Judgement Day.

Extraordinary material piece of enlightenment; this is phenomenal and extremely rare!