Protection from the Red Jinns
Protection from the Red Jinns

Protection from the Red Jinns

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Protection from the Red Jinns

We have a variety of amazing jinn items that were hand selected by the red jinn king and his daughter and were invoked into emblems that will allow blessings upon those who bond with them. This being said, those who do not specifically want to emerge themselves with a jinn, but want protection from evil working entities entering their bodies can rest knowing that we have protection amulets available!

The red jinns are noted for their evil evictions; the rare blessed pieces are for the chosen few from the daughter and those will not harm you, but you will be harmed if you are vigilant in your normal life.

These items will empower your chakra and instill a protective energy field around your aura --- this will prevent you from being a target that can be harmed!

There are a variety of jinn that will harm you. The red jinn clan is mostly of dark nature and will attack the souls of humans. The exception being those who allow a clean entrance willingly.

Many people are unaware that they even have a jinn within them -- they will have convulsions or memory lapses and people will think they are mentally unstable.

The jinn will come forth and talk through them and it will not make sense to those around the human.

If you feel at odds, or are worried that you may be a target then you need one of these protection pieces. These were empowered by a Khodam Jinn that only does white light blessings --- she wanted to protect the innocent bystanders who can be overtaken by evil in a split second.

These are also so concentrated with power that they will even reverse the effects of the jinn and cause them to leave the mortals soul.

Protect yourself and those you love --- these are worth the price to make sure evil is not lurking over your shoulder waiting to enter your body!