From the Mystic Blue Fog:  An Investigation Piece

From the Mystic Blue Fog: An Investigation Piece

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Lithia Park Ghost ~

*Showcased finding from our investigation in Oregon.

There was a girl who was killed and raped in Lithia Park in 1875. Witnesses passing the duck pond have seen a glowing blue mist floating directly over the center of the pond. They watched for about thirty seconds, at which point it flickered and vanished like a flame being blown out.

The diffused blue light has also been spotted wandering other areas of the park. In 1975, a car passed through the misty form which was standing in the middle of a winding road. Passengers reported feeling a damp coldness penetrate them at the moment they "hit" the form.

We went to the park to investigate the allure that has caused mystery for over a decade. We were driving through the South-side when a flash filled the sky; the blue mist started to move across the road in front of us.

Steve jumped out and used our Full Spectrum Light to try and communicate with the spirit. The flashes continued and the mist suddenly formed into the image of a girl.

To view this was amazing... I instantly felt my stomach turn as I realized this poor girl has been roaming the lands of her tragedy for years!

Deedee got out of the vehicle at this point and started to talk to the girl. Slowly you could see the girl trusting her and she was moving closer to us. She got within a few feet when she reached out her arm and opened her hand; she held this piece.

Deedee reached toward her and picked the piece out of her hand, the girl vanished!

The piece was left in Deedee's hand and we later learned that the girl vanished because she entered the vessel. When she felt the energies of knowledge and power that came forth from our auras, she knew that she could trust us -- which has been the problem she has faced for all the years, no one gave off a trusting energy that allowed her to show herself.

Most people went there to mock the story and the spirit, we were there to investigate and help her.

From her years of despair wandering the park, she was infused and became a power house of magical allure. She holds abilities of: biokinesis, rapid movement, mind rolling, telepathy and morphing. Her spirit co-existed with the majestic waters where her body was thrown after she was killed.

She is now able to rest knowing that there are still trusting people in the World. The power of her noted spirit lives on in this piece, while her soul has finally been able to progress on.

You will be the keeper and controller of these powers that will flood your body when you bond with this awesome item~!

This item is the last piece of jewelry that the girl was seen wearing. This is why she gave to us, because she knew that the piece entertains her powers. Each charm on this necklace will act as a guardian angel over you, keeping your spirit safe from demonic sabotage or any type of spiritual takeover.