Raw Power from a Real Place:  Wizard Island
Raw Power from a Real Place:  Wizard Island

Raw Power from a Real Place: Wizard Island

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Wizard Island~

* From our investigation in Oregon

Wizard Island is surrounded by Crater lake. Shamans were the only members of the Klamath Indian tribe who dared approach this sacred lake.

They assembled on Wizard Island to perform secret ceremonies.

According to legend, the spirits of the World Below live in this lake, while the spirits of the World Above live at Mount Shasta. The deep, sky blue Crater Lake was created by the collapse of a giant volcano nearly seven thousand years ago.

7 days and 7 nights --- equal 7,000 years.

So if the equivalent of the making of the World coordinates with the arrival of Crater Lake, we knew there could be a connection from Biblical times.

This was at the top of our list of places to investigate because we had received 8 different calls the year prior to our trip about Wizard Island from people who were hiking, or camping in the nearby area.

When we arrived it seemed like a small deserted island. From a far it looks very small, but when you are on the island it is pretty substantial. We were there in spring, so all the trees were filled with thistles and leaves.

This was quite the adventure because we had to take kayaks to the island and mine and Steve's tipped halfway over--- so we were miserable til we got to the island. Deedee and Lindy thought it was hilarious that Steve and I tipped our kayak. We got over it once we were on land and were anxious to explore Wizard island.

Not even 100 feet from the edge of the island, Deedee was imploded with a spirit. Her body was overtaken and we were amazed with the message that was given. She showcased a deep voice that told us we were in danger; we were told to leave the island.

We were a bit distraught and wanted to leave, but once the spirit left Deedee's body and she realized what happened, she wanted to stay!

Deedee's the boss, so we knew we were staying on the island! As we continued toward the middle of the island she was flooded with psychic projection; this used her sensitivity to acquire the power of thoughts that were sent out from the spirits.

The water started to turn a vibrant blue and there was a cold chill that came over all of us.

We provoked the underworld spirits to ignite their force upon us; it was intense and frightening... there was no where for us to go.

Luckily, Lindy had protection pieces for all of us and she quickly passed them around. In a matter of minutes we were surrounded by thousands of spirits --- none of us had ever experienced such a vast amount of spirits at one time.

We had backpacks filled with with every odd and end imaginable, because you never know what you could need when on an investigation.

We used sticks on the island and matches we had to start a fire -- fire will often ward off spirits. This gave us time enough to perform a ritual that allowed us to connect with the most powerful leaders of the spirits.

Cleansed jewelry items were brought with and were used to capture these power packed spirits.

You will receive the piece that you see below... the items are integrated with the Underworld spirits. We were lucky enough to capture the spirit of Hades!

Hades is the god of the Underworld. He is the ruler of the dead and he controls all the riches and wealth. He owns all the precious metals found in the earth’s core. He is also known to be the ruler of the Underworld. All the demons and monsters are controlled by him. He was born on the mountain of Olympus.

Hades powers of the Underworld are not known much to the world, but he rules over all the riches. Every single piece of gold, silver and all the precious metals were owned by him. So, he was basically worshiped for giving wealth to people. He also protected the rights of the dead, and he presided over their funeral rights. Hades took care of the dead. He was a strong and determined god, just like his brother Zeus. Zeus and Poseidon were his brothers, and Hades was as powerful as them.

Wizard Island was learned to be the portal area for Hades and the spirits he controlled. The adorner of this vessel will be granted extreme wealth and will also be granted protection.

Although the spirits are dark, the powers they will infuse are not harmful to you. Hosting this piece brings forth a personal body guard that will enrich you with protection and unlock a windfall of money into your life.

This bracelet symbolizes the circular cycle and process known as life and death, giving you the powers also of a necromancer. All of the powers are held in the mystic gem that has been laid into this piece. This is the area you want to focus on when you are invoking the spirits. n This piece is very powerful and one of a kind.