Parsons' Moon Child
Parsons' Moon Child

Parsons' Moon Child

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This is a piece that was turned over to us by a client of ours who lives in California. He lives nearby a resevoir called Devil's Gate. As if the name isn't ominous enough, I did a little bit of research on the area which concurred that this place definitely lives up to the reputation of the name.

Without going into too much detail, Devil's Gate is an area of brutal murders and strange disappearances. Perhaps the most shocking of these disappearances came in 1957, when a boy who was hiking with his family ran just a few yards ahead of his family and around a corner. When his family rounded the corner, the boy was gone. After searching in the brush and in the locale of where they were hiking, the boys parents called in a search party that included 400 people, helicopters, mounted patrols, bloodhounds and professional wilderness trackers. There was no return on their effort. This happened again when a child disappeared in the same manner from a YMCA camp site. Traces of neither child were found. It was if they vanished out of thins air.

People began to think that a curse or jinx hung over Devil's Gate. This speculation centered on the activities of John Whiteside Parsons, whom people called "Jack." He is the co-founder of the jet Propulsion Laboratory and a resident of nearby Pasadena. Jack Parsons was a brilliant, self-disciplined rocket scientist. He was revered by many as the founding father of the American Space Program. He was also a first rank occultist.

Jack Parsons was a contemporary of Aleister Crowley He joined the infamous Ordo Templi Orientis in 1941, learning all he could from Crowley. He fostered the cult's Agape Lodge in Los Angeles. His mansion on South Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena california quickly became the center of occult bohemia in his area in the 1940s. His mansion becamse infamous its sex magic ceremonies.

Here is where things get tricky. In the 1940s, Parsons' Southern California home became home to the ex-Navy Officer and sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard. As we all know, Hubbard went on to found the church of scientology. Parsons and Hubbard, both natural magicians began to create a magic flow that could rival anybody's... even that of Aleister Crowley, himself. Together, they fostered yet another project to create a "Moonchild" who would serve as an anti-messiah, who could overthrow the world and move it into a new mythical aeon.

The "moonchild" experiment activities were kept largely in secrecy, even though everybody knew what the objectives of the two had been. A moonchild was never presented to the church of scientology, nor the rest of the world for that matter. However, it is said that the goings-on of Crowley and Hubbard have opened a portal in Devil's Gate Resevoir. This could logically explain how people go missing in the place without a definite explanation of exactly what has happened. Nobody knows for sure what has happened here, though. Well, almost nobody.

There was a contemporary of Parsons that was once in on the deal to create the moonchild. He went by the name Peter Farra. Nobody knew about him, simply because Parsons kept most of his work as reticent as possible. When he learned what they were doing, he channeled the cultivating moonchild entity into this piece. He went into hiding with the piece, protecting it while it maturated into the being that it is now. He passed this piece down to his kids, who passed it down to their kids. Eventually, it ended up back to where it was created, because his family decided to rekindle its ties with history.

The piece was lost in the Devil's Gate Resevoir and was recovered by one of our clients that lives in California. I tested this piece, and during the ritual I encountered the moonchild. He came to me and offered my mind enlightenment that gave me the ability to perform his magic. While his magic was spawned by dark arts magic, the fermentation of his powers and ability are a dual source magic. It is more just like a magic that exists and is neutral in nature. The moonchild is actually a humanoid and not fully human, although he is humanistic in appearance.

With this piece, the moonchild will also come to you and alter your mind and give you a new perception. This perception will allow you to practice the magic that he has to offer you. It is a mixture of a religious magic form and an intergalactic power that was found by Hubbard by a race of beings he found that exist on the Orion belt. This magic will do many things, and in fact, there aren't many things that it can not accomplish-- spells, divinations, visions, telekinesis, intergalactic knowledge, spiritual projection. This piece pretty much has it all. It also holds all the dark secrets of religion, as the moonchild was originally supposed to be an anti-messiah power. This will give you the ability to make this power a white light power, because you will know what to stay away from.

This piece is very powerful and I only have one of them. The piece itself is inscripted with divinations that will allow you communicate with the moonchild. They also keep him at bay and make him obey your every command. There is another inscription on the back that reads "W. Farra 89", which is the year that this piece was last used. Mounted on the front is an indoctrination written by Parsons, that will activate the powers of the moonchild for you.

To fully activate this piece, allow it to soak up rays of moonlight three days prior to the night of a full moon. On the night of the full moon, the moonchild will present himself to you in a similar way he did to me. You will leave your body and go to where he is, where he will teach you his magic.

This piece is one of kind and is available on a first come-first served basis.