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Blood Cemetery

A man named Dan was at a party where they were telling ghost stories around a campfire.

As the night went on a young girl about 17 years old started telling a story about a family of Doctor’s with the last name of Blood. The Bloods had a lot of land where the whole family lived. The most interesting part was that they had a private graveyard on the property and that the whole area was haunted. She said that she saw gravestones that dated back to1800.

On their prom night she and some of her friends decided to go out to the Cemetery. They looked around at the headstones for a while. As it started to get dark the fog hung thick, and a full moon was rising so they started trying to scare each other. Then the young girls’ prom date decided to go into Dr. Blood’s house because he thought no one lived there any longer.

They waited about an hour or so, and when he didn’t return they got scared and headed for the Dewitt police department. When they went in to tell the police, the officer on duty said "don’t you kids know any better, old Dr. Blood lives out there and he doesn’t like anyone trespassing on his property". He also went onto say that he thought "Dr. Blood was harmless and he’s in his 80’s" so, he didn’t think there would be any problem.

They all returned to the property, but to everyone’s shock when they got back, the whole house were ablaze. The fire department was called, but in vane, because the house burnt to the ground. The next day there was a search party, but the only thing that was found in the rubble were the remains of the young man that had gone into the house the night before. The paper reported that his hands and feet had been bound. Dr. Blood’s remains were never found.

One of the searchers that afternoon found a freshly dug grave, when they unearthed it, a pine coffin was found. Upon opening it, they found the body of Mrs. Blood. She was dressed in a red gown, with her arms; legs and head cut off. There had been no coroner’s report of a body being buried there, or any police report of any murder.

The girl at the campfire that night said that the ghost of Dr Blood; to this day roams the cemetery at night, with a shotgun in one hand, and an ax in the other.

That night was the last time Dan ever heard or saw the young girl who first told him about Blood Cemetery; but it wouldn’t be my last experience with the Blood family. After hearing the story from him, we looked more into the background and decided to schedule an investigation!

We went to Lake Michigan to investigate the reports and area of the incident. We met with locals who knew about the Blood family and the fire. Many had been scared out at the cemetery that was on the property.

One guy, Mitch, said he had seen a ghost of an old man wandering the graveyard as if he was lost. Another person said that he saw an apparition of an elderly man carrying a body and it appeared to be headless and armless.

After talking with the town folk, we headed off to the cemetery. The moon was big and full and it lit up the night sky as if it were daylight, the fog was drifting over the Cemetery as it rolled in from the lake. The feeling in the air was electrifying.

At the entrance to the Cemetery were two old rusted iron gates, and hanging above was a sign saying Blood Cemetery. By the light of the moon you could see the old grave stones. Some had been toppled over, and some were broken. The weeds were about knee high. There was a smell of hydrangea in the air.

We were in the cemetery no more than 15 minutes when we heard Steve scream. Deedee and I went running over, he told us that he had seen a woman’s figure in a long red gown.

He said that she appeared to be headless and armless, and was coming right toward him, when she suddenly disappeared into thin air.

We continued on to see if we would have any more contact with spirits. When we got to the back of the cemetery, there were weeds about chest high and the fences were falling down.

Victor called us over; he was shining his flashlight on a headstone. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. There lying over the grave was a large piece of glass about 6 feet long, and about 2 feet deep, in-cased in it were a dozen long stem roses embedded in the center.

The experience was tingling to be a part of. You could feel the grief and love that submized out from that grave. We took pictures, but the roses showed up as dead flowers on our digital viewers. It was insane!

Tragedy seemed to be a part of the Blood family and this cemetery was definitely haunted. The site where the home had been was all full of weeds, but there was one spot in the center where it looked as if the grass was cut. We ventured to the area and with our flash lights we could see the Caduceus symbol on the ground, this is the symbol of a doctor.

We decided to come back the next night with equipment so we could dig up the area that was awkwardly different.

The next night we visited the cemetery again, it was spooky, but we did not have any apparitions appear. Once we continued on to the open area where the home had been... it was even more difficult to make it through the weeds, we were using swords to clear a path.

We made it to the open area and started digging. It was one of those enticing times when you have exhilaration and fear of getting caught, but know the reward could be that much more incredible.

The ground was overly hard and it took us nearly 2 hours to dig 3 feet into the ground. After getting about 6 feet down, we were exhausted and called it a night.

We only had one day left, and went back earlier, as soon as dusk hit we were out there shoveling. we spread the hole wider and deeper; finally a break! We uncovered old glass medical bottles and a box with medical records, ointments and books.

We dug a little while longer and than decided we found enough. As we were filling back in the hole the air got really hot and and still; something felt odd. All of a sudden there was a flash of light and the spirit of Dr. Blood appeared, with his tools in hand.

I was scared, but Deedee is used to dealing with dead spirits and talked with him. He said that since we held his materials, "we had the secrets and knowledge of his real life." He wanted us to follow him. We were led back to the cemetery where we again were at the grave where the roses were seen the other day.

He told us to lift the glass, under the dead flowers were dozens of pieces of jewelry, he said 'these are my prized collection.' He vanished, we took the jewelry and booked it out of the cemetery.

It wasn't until a few days later when Deedee read through his materials that she realized what he did. He would murder his patients by sucking their blood and infuse their spirits into vessels. He housed their spirits and would venture them with piecing abilities that his 'blood'line inherited. He was born a vampire king. The trick to getting away with this was that he would bite them in an area where the marking would not be noted. He would come up with rare diseases that killed the people and he would give them back to their family for disposal.

He started having many elderly clients who had no family heirs and so he was left with their bodies -- this started the Blood Cemetery. It looked like a good deed from the doctor, but was actually a shrine to his real work!

After years of collecting the spirits in the vessels, a patient stumbled across an open book showcasing the death of another patient and the 'vessel' that they had been placed in. They were intrigued and stole the book.

Of course Dr. Blood could not kill everyone, every time... he had to have a "normal" practice. He only realized later that the book was gone and called each patient he saw that day and asked them to come back for a check up.

The man who had the book already read the material and knew Dr. Blood was a vampire. He took with him a sharp dagger and when the doctor had his back turned thrashed it into his heart from behind.

The spot with the doctor marking is where the man buried Dr. Blood and his materials.

Events kept happening after the death of the doctor; that is what caused the man to return and burn the house down.... not knowing that the teenage boy was inside. It is believed that Dr. Blood's spirit is the one who tied him up.

The County has now put up hurricane fence around the Cemetery, with razor wire strung along the top because their had still been hauntings and horrible events that occurred in the area.

We also learned that at least 4 or 5 Blood son’s from each generation have become Doctor’s for the last 150 years.

After months of holding the pieces we started to reveal the spirits powers. We uncovered that the doctor portrayed his vampiric senses upon each of the patients that were in the vessels he led us too.

The one vessel held his wife, this piece Deedee kept for herself... the others are available to you.

These are the creme de le creme of the vampire power pieces we have located for a long time!

Each piece is infused with reflective sensory power, concoction mycology knowledge, abilities of astral flight, strength to not tire and immense power in telekinesis and mind rolling.

These attributes are the noted abilities that were showcased in Dr. Blood's book, however the testers found that each individual piece forecast auric powers from the actual victim as well.

You will gain an electrifying connection of vampiric powers and spiritual bonding from the 'Blood' piece you receive --- do not delay ---these are AMAZING!