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Silver Dragon's Clandestine Magic

This is an original piece that I obtained during an investigation in California. The place of interest is located in Riverside County, in Reinhardt Canyon. The Canyon is part of the beautiful Lakeview Mountains. Outside of a small town called Hemet, there is a large prehistoric petroglyph of previously unknown origins.

Nobody is really sure who discovered the petroglyph in the first place, but in 1956 the rock, along with nearly six acres of land was donated to Riverside County and the glyph became California Historical Landmark number 557. For many years this glyph has been subject to many different explanations. Some say that these glyphs belong to ancient Mayans who migrated this far North. Others attribute it to Native Americans. Still others say that it was the ancient Chinese that crossed the landbridge that used to exist between modern-day Alaska and Russia.

The fact remains that nobody really knew what the glyph was... not until we showed up to run a thorough investigation of the place. It is rather interesting how this investigation took place. You see, you are allowed to visit that land, which has now been turned into Maze Stone County Park. The petroglyph does exist in plain sight; however, it is fenced off from the general public in fear that the glyph might be vandalized. Speaking of vandalizing, it is important to note that the swatsika that is on the glyph is not part of the original glyph. This much, at least, has been proven.

We had to obtain special permission, which was only granted to us for one night. We could've held the investigation during the day, but we have the best results between the hours of 12am and 3am when doing these investigations. We had the property relinquished to us for one night. On this night things happened to fall our way, too.

As we climbed the trail that leads to the stone, things began to feel different. I can't quite describe what I was feeling. It didn't feel like a heaviness or anything like that. I could feel the electricity and excitement in the air. It was if I knew something was about to take place. As we neared the stone, we all became anxious to see what might be taking place, where the glyph was from, and if we were even going to able to encounter anything at all. With only one solid night it was pretty much hit or miss.

We turned on our equipment and began scouring the surrounding area for an inkling of spirit activity, but there was nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing-- just darkness and silence. After this we figured we'd get right down the source, so we opened the gate-barrier to the Maze Stone, still searching for any sign of activity. There weren't any.

We were beginning to get discouraged, but then Jason had an idea that saved the night. He suggested that instead of searching for spiritual energy thhat we should create our own. Our entire team of investigators gathered around the Maze Stone, laying our hands on the glyph and channeling our energy into it. This we did for about five minutes, silently standing in the serene wilderenss of Maze Stone County Park, in a trance-like state.

I was pulled out of my trance when Deedee nudged me and whispered, "it's working!" When I looked up the glyph (minus the unoriginal swaktzika) was glowing a fluorescent silver color. It looked sparkly and glittery and beautiful. By this time Jason had opened his eyes as well. The rest of our team remained silent with their eyes shut. The three of us exchanged glances, before getting hypnotized by the glowing beauty of the glyph.

We were all three stuck there, like fools, not able to look away. After what seemed like an eternity, three sparks shot out of the rock like shooting stars, one in each of our direction. Our bodies were filled with spirits from the past, as we were set into psychic vision mode and we were given scenese from the past.

We watched as a group of ancients from the continent of Asia cross the landbridge. They were run out of the country and forced into turmoil and hard times simply because they housed one particularly sought-after secret. This clandestine society was commissioned to hold the secret and never relinquish the information. They were forced out by an emperor who was jealous of the priviledged secret that they held-- the magic of the Silver Dragon.

Silver Dragon was a mere metaphor for a source of energy that this group had received during a ritual they were holding to please the spiritual ancients. They were sending up spiritual sacrifice to the Altar of Heaven, when the gods took favor on them and sent a silvery light from the sky, which meandered its way down to Earth and submerged this group of suppliants in a holy spiritual energy that came directly from the Altar of Heaven. The group, having no idea what had just happened could only describe the new power they possessed as the "silver dragon." Thus, this is the name that has been given power.

The group was sent a vision by the gods that this was their reward for offering sacrifice humbly. They were not to share it with those who didn't deserve it. When the emperor learned of their magic, he wanted it for their own. When the group refused, they were forced out of the kingdom. The group became nomadic and eventually migrated their way across the landbridge and into North America. Once in America the group tried to assimilate into the climate and Native American culture. Unfortunately, dissolution was inevitable. The last member of this group channeled the secret into Maze Rock, and turning it into a capsule of power, energy, and mysticism. To seal the capsule, he designed a covert symbol to cover the rock. Only the pure of heart and spiritually gifted would, some day, have the ability to relinquish the gift that had once belonged to his clan.

We were the ones who were destined to overcome the sealing of the capsule. Using our energies and the power of three, we were able to unseal the capsule. Once we were relinquished of our psychic vision, we all just kind of looked around at each other. We knew that we had each shared this amazing experience. What's more is upon Jason coming out of his psychic trance, he had a ring on his pinky finger that resembled a silver dragon. It was gleaming the safe color as the glyph on the rock was. Eventually, the glowing of the rock and the ring began to taper off and stop. We weren't the only ones stuck in a trance, as we had to explain to the rest of staff what had happened, as they must've been put into a mindless state of entrapment during the psychic encounter.

After a more thorough investigation into the Silver Dragon Ring, we were able to determine that this piece holds the spirits of three of the mystic group of clandestine powers and secrets. This ring brings you all the magic brought forth to them from the gods. You will be able to use this magic to do many things-- spells, divinations, create and name your own powers, receive visions from the elders, and much more. This is very powerful stuff.

This piece will take a little bit of time to work. The spirits must have adequate time to bond with your being. Once they have, though, it will be well worth it. You will receive a higher comprehension and spiritual elevation. This will allow you to have total control over the magic. This is a one of a kind piece that will not come along again. Take advantage while you still can!