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Cook' your soul ~

Florence Cook is a medium known for spirit materialization. She was able to pull full-forms through during her seances.

She was born in 1856 in Hackney, London. Hackney was a powerful place of spiritualism. Cook claimed that as a child she could hear the voices of angels, and had mediumisntic gifts.

She began to give seances at home as an adolescent and from the first she specialized in materialization. Cook had a large cupboard in the family's breakfast room that had a Windsor chair for her to sit upon. A hole was cut high in the cupboard door where the 'spirit faces' would manifest.

Cook would always dress up for her seances and then enter the cupboard and sit down. A piece of cord would be placed on her lap. The door would be closed, and the sitters would sing hymns to establish the right "atmosphere."

The cupboard would be opened, and sitters could see that Cook was tied to the back of her chair at the neck, waist and wrists. The door would then be closed again, and then soon, in the dark, "spirit faces" would appear in the opening. When the faces vanished, the cupboard would be opened, and Cook would be found still tied to the chair, and giving the appearance of exhaustion from the energy allegedly expended to help the spirits manifest.

People thought that Cook was a fraud and that she would got loose and make the spirits 'come to life' by portraying them herself.

There were many skeptics and after her death in 1904, the cupboard was sold. This piece of furniture has been passed around the world since then, being sold at several estate sales over the past decade.

We had a picture of the cabinet from an old photo we were given by Pierre Hindel; his great grandfather had attended one of Cooks seances. This was a detailed drawing of the cupboard including many markings that were on it.

The piece came up for auction 6 months ago in New Jersey, there were rumors in the occult spectrum that it was Cooks, but when we verified the sketch we had with the actual picture the auction house had online, we knew it was the mystical cupboard!

Very few things had changed over the years -- the cupboard had been painted and it had different hardware, but you could tell from the unique carvings and style that the piece was the noted paranormal relic.

We attended the auction and after hours of waiting the cupboard was put on the auction block. The piece started at $10,000.00; it took off --- there were collectors bidding the piece up -- they wanted Cooks famous piece of furniture.

Deedee was determined and it now resides in her dining room. She had the piece stripped of the paint and stained it to look closer to the way it would have when Cook owned it. She also purchased antique hardware for the cabinet... it looks amazing!

The whole purpose of this, not only for the rare opportunity to have an amazing paranormal piece, was to see if the spirits would come forth when someone would sit in the Windsor chair.

The cupboard was so unique that luckily no one took the chair out of the piece! An interaction of vast proportion, the testings were out of this world.

We tied up the neighbor woman, who has no occult powers, and turned off the lights. There was an array of magnificent glowing and spirits began to walk out of the cupboard.

Cook was not a fraud! She had the portal of occult enchantment and no one else had tied anyone up and tested it since she last used it.

The ritual had to be continued to enforce the understanding of safety for the spirits to be welcomed.

Deedee LOVES this piece and I don't think will ever sell it, however, we realized that if someone is wearing jewelry (an open vessel), while tied up in the chair, that the piece will become infused with a spirit that comes forth.

Each spirit is hindering to make a connection for a reason. We now have a collection of pieces that hold a variety of spirits. Each holds incredible power and will bond with you to infuse you with the occult rituals that they fortified during their living days.

The powers are communicative and strong. Once you purchase your piece you will receive detailed information on the spirit that you received!

Guaranteed are evident powers that are emphasized products of occult enchantment!

So far tested products have brought abilities to: make unappealing food seem good, allow you to become more athletic, grant abilities to shape shift, become telepathic, gain creativity, send shock waves, see and communicate with angels, visit areas of Heaven, and kinetic sensory has also come forth.

What you will receive is one of the variety of items you see below. At the time of purchase you will need to state if you want a piece of white or dark light and showcase if the emblem is desired to improve yourself, or gain an ability. We can then go through the invoked spirits that are inside the vessels to locate which piece is best suited for your needs!

You then will receive a brief bio on the spirit, once you have purchased --- please do not ask for information on each of the spirits because we will only give informational details to the person who receives the specific item; this is to protect the powers and spirits!

Do not miss out on your chance to have a fascinating, spirit-inhabited facet of paranormal history!