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Turning base metal into gold is a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. It is the activation of your DNA encoded memories as your consciousness spirals into a higher and faster moving frequency.

To use this piece you will prepare as if you were about to meditate. Light 3 candles and then close your eyes and visualize a wizard in front of you. He will offer you a piece of metal -- take it -- your spirit will connect with the energy. As you hold it, transformation begins. You will feel energy shifts in your physical body.

Take your time experiencing these changes and what they mean. They are an alchemist process that will awaken your body on many levels.

The wizard is encrypted within the pearl of this piece and will bring riches to your life. The metaphor of turning base metal into gold is the power to turn a life of solitude into a blessed, rich life of fulfillment and love.

This changes dispositions in your DNA to relinquish the alchemy of advancing technology within your body to focus on your individual needs --- so you will have a seamless evolution to the prosperity that will arise ue to the new links in your body's regiment!