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This piece belonged to a woman who was taught in the Egyptian occult and was a natural born witch~!

This piece was among one of her most cherished pieces -- in her country she was feared not because she was evil, but because of very different customs. The Egyptians even treat the dead much different then those in the states do --- you know mummification.

This is an antique that holds extreme power == she used this piece in part with all of her magic. Having this piece near you will bring you windfalls of cash, psychic mirror abilities and the immortal encompass of powers from the Egyptian witches hypnotic and visionary powers.

Her level of powers are some of the most ancient magic abilities and should never be overlooked. The witches in the states and in other countries have NOTHING on the rare witches of Egyptian descent.

Be proud to have this coveted piece and you do not need to be Egyptian to unlock the power, as I know someone may ask ~!