Blue Maiden of Earthly Delight
Blue Maiden of Earthly Delight

Blue Maiden of Earthly Delight

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On an investigation performed in Erie, Ohio, we uncovered the infamous Blue Holes ~!

The Blue Holes are known for their bottomless depths -- we were first contacted about doing the investigation by a woman who noted a Blue Hole by her business... it was preventing people from coming into her shop; causing her business to begin to go under.

The Blue Hole was across the street from her shop, but it presented such a scary array, and bad odor, that no one wanted to even be that close!

We met up with Sharon, the shop owner, and she took us across the street from her shop, where there was a huge stone and iron gate that as locked up tight and had a NO TRESPASSING sign on the middle of it. Normally we do not fear going on to uncharted areas, but I was timid on this one thinking that the cops would quickly show -- but none the less we broke off the lock and entered through the gate.

Ahead of us there was a HUGE sign that noted "CAUTION: Blue Hole 100 yards ahead" -- we continued through the woods; it smelled pretty awful even from outside the gate, so as we got closer I all but vomited all over myself! Anyway, the trees were all overgrown and it was buggy -- when we finally reached the water we could see that there was a layer of scum across the top of most of the "Blue Hole."

Deedee took a branch and used it to stir the water up a bit. Once the water was moved around we were able to see the vast blue color of the water. Beneath the scum was a glorious blue color, and the air began to evade a mystical auric appeal that was rising from the waters below!

We thought some kind of fish must be living in this hole, but then we saw the shadow of a large creature... as it got closer to the surface we noticed a large tail -- it was a mermaid! The mermaid was ecstatic to see us, she talked with us and acknowledged her loneliness in the hole, as there is no outlet for the water, it is simply a hole.

The mermaid told us that years ago she met a wonderful woman who was visiting the area and she gave her a pin to remember her by. The pin was custom made for Rue, the mermaid, it holds her image depicted on a seahorse... reminding her of better times in her life before she was swept into the Blue Hole Portal and cast into this remnant location.

Rue cherished this piece, as the woman was the last person who she was able to connect with -- but she gave us the piece so we could connect with her whenever we wanted. Also, if she gets enough interaction the portal will shift its location, and she hopes that will allow her to be released back into the ocean and meet back up with her friends and family.

Encountering a true mermaid was AMAZING and we wished we could have helped transport her back to the ocean, but unfortunately the mystic charges will not allow that. So we have been utilizing the piece to help her with contacts and she is getting close. We want to allow someone else to get this so they can utilize it more than we have time too -- so Rue can be free from the Blue Hole and in the process you will get to visit the hole, and it has one of the most evasive energies that you can extract powers from.

So you get to help Rue, meet her and gain power!

There are many mysteries within this specific Blue hole, and you will be able to explore and gain abilities that are only bestowed upon creatures of the water.

While helping Rue get close to her connection goal, testers have attributed abilities of: diplomacy, intense intuition, circulation of latent energy, telekinetic power, cleansing abilities, creativity ignited, force of change to character traits, wisdom, serenity and tranquil prosperity.

Magical ambitions were also noted -- facets of cleansing, shielding, healing, and curse reactors to remove hexes were implored.